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My Dog Killer selected for competition at Rotterdam

My Dog Killer selected for competition at Rotterdam New film director Mira Fornay My Dog Killer was selected for the main competition at the 42nd IFF Rotterdam 2013th This is the first Slovak film released in this competition. Previous winners of the Czech TIGER AWARDS - in 1998 they were Buttoners (Petr Zelenka) and 2002 Wild Bees (Bohdan Slama).

The prestigious festival in Rotterdam is world famous and demanding selection of titles focusing primarily on independent production and presentation Copyright debuts or second films by young filmmakers, the films that are somehow exceptional form or theme and using innovative means of expression.

Drama My Dog Killer is the second feature film screenwriter and director Mira Fornay. Originated in the Slovak-Czech co-production companies Mirafox producer Juraj Buzalky and Cineart Prague TV producer Viktor Schwarcz, who is also the producer of the drama Buds, winning Czech Lion for best film of 2011. Co-produced drama My dog is Killer Czech Television.

The story of a dramatic story now My Dog Killer is set to the region in the Moravian-Slovak border, where he also - in cities and Skalica Hodonin and their surroundings - the film was shot. Its main character is an eighteen year old Marek (Adam Mihál), living with an alcoholic father in a small town. The only authentic emotional connection to the young man to his dog. Mark's life turns upside down revealed the secret of his mother, who left him years ago and disappeared. "Marek is indeed anti-hero, but my goal is not only to create a black-and-white character nedozrálého aggressive boys. It's a story of shame and pride, which in the case of Mark leads to tragedy ancient dimension. It's the story of our faith, why we believe in something and how backward that our faith affects our lives, "suggests author Mira Fornay idea for the film, where all the main roles portray non-actors.

Mira Fornay, a graduate of FAMU and NFTS in London (played field director) debuted psychological drama Foxes (2009), which was selected for competition Critic's Week at the Venice Film Festival and has successfully shown at many prestigious international festivals.

Scenario My Dog Killer was selected for Berlinale 2010 Co-Production Market, in 2009 won the Slovak Tibor Vichty Award for Best Screenplay and honorable mention and was evaluated as one of the most promising projects (honorable mention) at the Agora work in progress on the 53th IFF Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki International Film Festival).

In the Czech cinemas will have the film My Dog Killer premiere 11th 4th 2013th

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