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Over-eating with supplements and vitamins. To fight the flu is now high time!

Over-eating with supplements and vitamins. To fight the flu is now high time! Challenging the Christmas season, especially when we fulfill the wishes of others, is behind us. Now is the time when you should return back to take care of themselves. Because, let's face it, pay for holidays: the more sweets, fatty foods and alcohol into the hang himself, the less vitamins, fruits and vegetables provide the body and movement.

With the new year it is so necessary to properly irrigate, nadopovat vitamins and spring into action!

Start from scratch

It is said that the detoxification is perfect for a morning immediately after glass of lemon juice. Try it and improve your lemon diluted with a little water up your favorite one hundred percent juice. So i topped up with fluids and vitamins with juice you drink will taste better - not so sour.
If you plan to deliver your body the vitamins and minerals in the form of supplements, wait with it until after a hearty breakfast. Better absorbed and will not irritate your stomach. Remember that the absorption increases significantly also the right combination of minerals and vitamins. For example, antioxidants Selenium and Zinc are inseparably together and is ideal when you are also accepted in combination with vitamin C and beta carotene. This powerful combination provides a dietary supplement Selzink Plus. It also has other advantages: to protect the body against free radicals, enhance immunity and help with inflammation just one tablet a day (can be used long term). Thus, it is the ideal means of prevention against flu, colds or flu.

Toughening yes, but in moderation

As a protection against viral infection is commonly recommended sauna therapy to heating and subsequent rapid chilling enhances immunity. But be careful! Not everyone benefits this form of hardening and helps. That is a fairly extreme stress, and if we are not entirely in the form (which often are not able to identify), it can pull off illness vice versa. Therefore it is recommended to start with sanation right at the end of summer to get the body accustomed to the load. In the middle of winter, when bacilli largest number of flies through the air and it is quite likely that we just attacked the sauna rather prefer to forget and go on a walk or take a sharp contrast indulge calm warm. If you have plenty of exercise in the fresh air and frequent cold does not bother you, you're no longer hardy enough. Other physical burden it would weaken your body rather than help him.
Petra Šmelcová doctor advises primarily optimally to dress: "Neither cold nor heat," says the fact that it is one of the most effective recipes (besides proper diet and enough quality sleep) as neonemocnět that while most neglected. "When you colds still meets, nor attempt in any way to move "encourages a doctor.

When illness strikes

Do not underestimate the side effects of infection such as coughing and a runny nose. "Coughing is a defensive reflex is used to cleanse the respiratory tract from contaminants." In terms of upper respiratory tract infections, doctor distinguishes two types of cough: "Cough dry (non-productive), which is very irritating scratchy throat and can be very tough. Sick often exhausted and should be dampened. "Appears mainly in early disease.
Dry cough usually within a few days turns into the second type and wet cough (productive). "There is increased production of mucus, which 'clog' airways. At this stage, should not be given drugs to control cough to prevent the accumulation of mucus in the airways and thus deepening infection. Cough should be treated with products that make and release mucus expectoration, reduce its viscosity. "Says MD. Petra Šmelcová. A good example is the preparation Ambrosan. You can choose whether you more in the form of tablets, drops or syrup. The advantage is that it can be used by very young children. Its active ingredient Ambroxol increases in airway mucus secretion, the formation of pulmonary surfactant (a substance covering the inner walls of the alveoli) and stimulates the activity of cilia, ensuring shift mucus.

Annoying runny nose

As with cough, the dirt and germs from the nose full out. The second step is then soothe swollen nasal mucosa. When cold, but also to prevent take nasal sprays that contain solutions of mineral water or všeléčivou 'seawater (eg Physiomer). Sprays relieve nasal mucosa of infectious germs, mucus and trapped debris. Thanks to the natural composition of the organism are friendly and have no side effects.
Remember that everything, and colds in particular, is to be assessed individually. Not a disease as a disease. Sometimes, paradoxically, instead of sweats and bed rest will help walk in the fresh air. Of course, only if the ambition to completely overcome giving up performance and chase kilometers. Never really never in the disease do not make useless willpower, do not go through strength and fatigue! Feel your body and feelings, excessive heat, and not get cold fatigue and weakness rest.

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