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Guide future non-smoker

Do you want to quit and do not know if this is your "cut" at a time, or prefer to go slowly and gradually? We will advise you what is best, and especially on what not to forget!

Motivation. Create a personal plan according to their specific needs and write down a list of reasons why you want to quit smoking. Keep a record but also arguments as to why you do not end up with tobacco. Then circle the most important points, and according to process the next steps.
Alternatives. Important aspect of quitting smoking is to find alternative ways to overcome stressful situations in which you would under "normal" circumstances set on fire. It could be a walk, exercise, or anything else that will help you cope.
D-Day To stop suddenly? Check the calendar color date when you intend to do, and all activities sent to that date.
Step by step. Would you prefer rather "reductionist" approach? Buy a pack of cigarettes, take out several pieces and the rest suck. When you purchase your next discard other tobacco products, but a higher number of cigarettes consumed and the rest. In this manner until you get to zero.
Search for the essence. Identify your smoking habits and the real nature of their addiction. Then better rozklíčujete when and where you smoke, if you are more social smoker or tobacco indulge when you are under stress.
Understanding. About his intention to quit smoking tell family, friends and colleagues. They should support you.
Foresight. Challenges to be faced when quitting will not be enough. Be prepared that when you quit smoking, you may miss the sugar at once, so you will have more appetite. These cravings associated with cigarette should only take a few days for the body to adapt and blood sugar gets to normal.
Distraction. Keep your hands on activities. Get your balls, pencils and staples that you constantly munch fingers. They will help you overcome the desire for physical stimulation.

Remember that smoking is a psychological and physical dependence, and for many people it is a ritual. Quitting may not be easy at all. But when you create a proper "game" plan for peace, surely you can do it!

Source: Quitting kouření.cz

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