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Carnival celebrations in the Czech Republic will surely enchant

Carnival celebrations in the Czech Republic will surely enchant Shrovetide or carnival, these are names for the same thing - joyous celebrations in which take their inspiration from Venetian carnival and local folk traditions. In the past, the main objective was not only to entertain, but also to eat well before the endless čtyřicetidenním fasting. He is no longer current, but still fun and feasting today.

Carnival is the period of the Three Kings to Ash Wednesday. Culminates just before Easter, when the festive Breakfast includes donuts, divine grace, sausages, bacon, brandy and wine. It is also often make pig-sticking. Come taste too.

Carnival parades of Hlinsko are from 2010 in the UNESCO intangible world heritage. Carnival main characters are Turks, little woman, straw, races with the mare, chimney sweeps and bear. Every year in February, the issue on fancy tour of the villages Vortová, Studnice (9 February 2013), Hamry and after the local Hlinsko Blatno. In the museum Vesely Kopec you can see a permanent exhibition Hlinec carnival masks. Right in the museum carnival take place on 12 February.

In Lednice see second February carnival parade and also taste traditional butchering, Moravian cookies, brandy and local wine. In Hustopeče welcome you a week later. Hustopečsko carnival is traditionally charitable events, for example, you can contribute a voluntary contribution for soup, purchasing a glass or active participation in the auction wines of local vintners.

Bohemian Carnevale , which builds on the historical, allegorical festivities will take place in 2013 in Prague on 1 - 12 February. Traditionally held in many public spaces and in the palaces, museums, galleries, theaters, schools and workshops, but also in restaurants and shops. Is a showcase of excellent ideas, unique capabilities and innovative flavors.

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