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Bushmeat: illegal hunting in South Africa threatens wild animals and local people

South Africa threatens ecological collapse. Wild disappearing wild beasts, which are crucial for the stability of the ecosystem. Blame the illegal hunting of wild animals. For local people, the meat from the bush, called bushmeat, and hardly replaceable important food source, writes ScienceDaily.

Carnivores are not a direct those animals which local hunt for meat. Traps and eye but you do not choose, and often get caught up in them and large carnivores. People my hunting wild animals also directly compete with the beasts and take them to their prey. The consequence is that a number of iconic species of African savannas are facing immediate danger and risk of extinction. To maintain a functional ecosystem of top predators such as lions, cheetahs, leopards and canids particularly important.

The situation in South Africa has documented study, prepared by the London Zoological Society and the Society for the Protection of wilderness. In October, the two-day conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, representatives of agencies, conservation organizations and people from IUCN, UNDP, FAO to jointly seek solutions.

The parties agreed that the current situation is unsustainable both in terms of the survival of wild animals, and in terms of the survival of local communities, for which it is an important wildlife food source.

One solution could be to squeeze everyday illegal hunting of wildlife and replace it with an organized hunting tourism. It would be in the region could bring sufficient funds to local communities did not depend on what people themselves develop even better. An example is given of Namibia, which operates the hunting tourism. Annually reserves legally catch the 26 million tons of meat, without compromising the animal population.

The article was released on the 25th 10th 2012 server called "African Bushmeat Species pushes to the Brink".

Author: Radomir Dohnal

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