, social magazine call: externalizing stories when you overcome your own difficulties call: externalizing stories when you overcome your own difficulties Project that with exaggeration highlights the communication between people with disabilities and without disabilities, in addition to extensive media campaigns extends from 14 January, in primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic.

Call "My Way" is aimed at children and adolescents 6 to 18 years, so artistically, text or photos portrayed as yourself or with the help of others to overcome any obstacles. "We want children to realize that the barriers - more or less - all we have to overcome. Sometimes you can do it yourself, sometimes we need help from others, "says Peter Weiss Foundation of Sirius.

Creative Challenge "My Way" runs until 31 March 2013,
contributions will be seen on a large interactive exhibition in Prague in June.

"We are human beings and we live in one world. Someone is afraid of the dark, the other to change shy before girls. Some are catching the last, others may not run at all. Whether these restrictions are visible in any way, we try to overcome them, "elaborates
enter Petra Weiss. The call is open to all primary school pupils and secondary school students. Precise instructions can be found at the website .

The second wave of one of the largest social campaigns in the Czech Republic started 25th December 2012 . Its main motive is flying again become a normal human trait and vice versa as a kind of walking disability. The campaign is based on the fact that one of the biggest problems that people with disabilities feel the relationship with society. Points out that most of these people will help when we act with them as equals, without unduly compassion and that contact is not normal to be afraid of.

An extensive campaign to support both experts and the very people with disabilities, refers to websites with a variety of information about this issue and illustrative videos.

The aim of the Foundation is to help children Sirius, who had no luck in life. Foundation looks for systematic and effective solutions to the problems of children with an emphasis on prevention. Maximum use of Czech and international experience and best practices, collaborates with leading experts. During her tenure, the Foundation supported sixteen projects aimed at vulnerable families and children, as well as operates a portal Chances children. More information about the Foundation's activities here .

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