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Polio frost

Cold weather can be a heavy burden for the feet, not only in people with varicose veins. Below is a five councils to keep your feet healthy even in strong frosts.

Good shoe - the foundation for success

An important point in the care of feet in the winter is a good choice of footwear. Quality winter boots are an investment that pays off and that is definitely not advisable to save. The higher the amount you pay for boots from a reputable manufacturer will return many times: your feet will thank you for convenience, save time and nerves needed to claim cheap shoes that will not last long, and you get shoes that will serve several seasons and not after first winter to depreciation.

To water and frost

Proper winter boots should definitely be waterproof and it is recommended to always treat even impregnujícím spray. Likewise, it is better to buy shoes a bit more to have enough space for a possible stronger sock. Interior of the shoe should then be insulated, but the foot in the shoe should breathe. Therefore, the most appropriate material appears to skin - is the most malleable and leather shoes with toes pushing each other and the feet in them so much sweat.

Invest in socks

Various people might think that the selection of such simple things like socks, nothing difficult. But the opposite is true. Into socks to invest because socks with high quality cotton content protects feet from cold, abrasion and insulate them from the shoes. In winter socks are preferable higher that protects legs from the wind. Of course there should be an everyday exchange.

Keep your feet warm

"Take it easy and warm feet," says the immortal message. And indeed it is. Cold feet may in fact be a symptom of insufficient blood circulation limbs. Prevent cold feet several ways - the movement that promotes blood circulation, for example, or using hot baths. This should be followed paint dry foot moisturizing cream and donning warm socks.

Pay attention to hygiene

Like brushing your teeth , it should be for us to stand and foot hygiene routine. Daily washing of the feet is an essential part of hygiene, which helps prevent unpleasant fungal diseases and helps prokrvovat peripheral limbs. After washing of the feet should be thoroughly dry towel, and remember not to spaces between the toes.

Take care of your skin

Skin Care legs should follow after each wash. The basic care include removing hard skin lubrication and moisturizing foot cream. Massages are also good legs and calves, using various massage baths, rollers etc. Massage is contributing to the blood circulation in limbs and act preventively against varicose veins.

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