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How do the candidates for president?

While Karel Schwarzenberg would therefore leave the Sumava National Park natural processes, Milos Zeman believes that the economic Šumava forest as everyone else. On the issue of the completion of Temelin has Zeman also clear: to finish. Karel Schwarzenberg to this question is not answered. Look at what these two candidates who advanced to the second round of direct election of the President of the Czech Republic, differences and agree.

The question of whether a given candidate will have a similarly strong personal topic like klimaskepticismus current President Vaclav Klaus, said Karel Schwarzenberg, it is not a climatologist and climate change are not going to express. Miloš Zeman mentioned that opponents of solar and wind power, and that he wants to protect against Šumava green fanatics who want to be eaten bark beetle.

The question of whether to engage in civic associations in environmental decision making, for example through participation in various management, Karel Scharzenberg reply. According to Zeman, the current status and allows unreasonable delay completion of the environmental organizations useful transport investment in the form highway D8.

The only issue on which both candidates agreed that the general protection of the environment. "Favorable environment means clean air, clean water and beautiful landscapes in which we live. Of course, every sane person should promote its values, "says Zeman." For many years I spent as a forester, the green ideals close to me, so I will always defend the environment and the Czech countryside, "says Karel Schwarzenberg, adding that environmental protection but is mainly the task of the government and much less president. sent to all candidates for president six questions. The answers Karel Schwarzenberg and answers Milos Zeman was compiled this text. Other discarded candidates and candidates can be found in this special .


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