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Legalization of stolen cars and twisting kilometers can solve amendment

Amendment to the operation of vehicles on the road should prevent fraud used cars. The most serious problems include the legalization of stolen cars imported from abroad in the Czech Republic and rewind kilometers.

According to experts, however, the novel lacks a draft measure that would prevent logging vehicles on forged or altered documents. Officials should have the duty and the means to check the authenticity and originality of these documents.

One of the objectives of the amendment to Act No. 56/2001 Coll. address the problem of car crime. This should primarily contribute to the connection of the Czech Central Register of vehicles on the European information interfaces Eucaris. Czechs officials will be able to inspect the registers of all the participating European countries. With this measure would thus be possible to verify whether the car intended for registration in the Czech Republic abroad is not reported as stolen or otherwise troublesome. Legalization of stolen cars in the country would thus be significantly reduced.

"The planned amendment is certainly a step in the right direction. But what the amendment does not address the validity and originality checking vehicle documents, submitted by the owner at his record. Currently the officials of transport authorities in accordance with legislation and practice take that obligation, and information from the documents submitted and only typed override, "said Cancer Roman, CEO of Iris Ident, which deals with issues related to fraud and theft of motor vehicles." The consequences of this behavior also highlighted police action purge, which exposed our country hundreds of stolen cars registered for suspicious documents, "said Rak with the fact that the documents are often manipulated and year of the vehicle in order to increase its selling price.

The amendment to the law has also addressed bottling miles on the odometer, which causes unfair price increases used cars. The proposed reclassification rewind kilometers from offense to offense, however, according to experts, the system does not address this issue. "Bottling mileage already is a crime, and fraud. A prerequisite for this is that the lower the number of declared kilometers is the difference in the price of a used vehicle more than 5000 crowns. While the normal bottling kilometers that amount is exceeded virtually every time, "said Aleš Vémola this issue, Head of Expertise in engineering, road accident analysis and valuation of motor vehicles at the Institute of Forensic Engineering in Brno.

Fast kilometers would be, in the opinion of experts to solve complex ways. Kilometers could be regularly recorded in the technical inspection stations or other locations and online introduced into the Motor Vehicle Register, from which the buyer of a used car can have it done listing. Connection to interface Eucaris along with strict control documents should then prevent the registration of a defective vehicle imported from abroad and to highlight the inconsistency of data. Czech Republic would be joined to the current European trend in which Western States address this issue. The mere criminalization rewind kilometers, like various private certificates that now even often help legalize lower mileage vehicles, the problem is solved.

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