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Overheated microwave again on store shelves

Consumer tests microwave ovens revealed that for some products there is a dangerous overheating of the surface of the door or mantle. Temperatures in some cases, exceed the value of 100 degrees Fahrenheit and can cause unpleasant burns.

Dangerous combination microwave ovens were discovered during field tests, which focused on the grill and hot air. Maximum acceptable temperature door after hours baking hot air is 80 ° C, the surface casing should not exceed 75 ° C. For the six microwave ovens but this was rule is broken. It was a brand Domo DO CG 2723 (grill and hot air), Candy CMC 30 DCS (grill), Proline CBS 23 (grill and hot air), Moulinex MO 30 EC (hot air), Panasonic NN-CD560MEPG (grill and hot air) and MO-25 Fagor DGB (grill).

The highest temperature, ie 107 ° C was measured at the product brand Candy. Also sheath Proline oven using hot air exceeds 100 ° C, similarly to the product Fagor brand using the grill function.

"The danger is particularly high when they are small children in the home," says
editor dtest Václav Beneš and adds: "In addition to threatening burns should be alert to the potential risk of flash objects that are found on the surface of the oven.

The results of the best models while proving that produce a combined oven that keeps heat inside a can. Václav Beneš test results microwaves says: "The magazine dtest encourages customers to pay special attention to safety when serving these types of microwave ovens, or purchase other models."


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