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Cirk La Putyka comes with a new introduction Risk

Cirk La Putyka comes with a new introduction Risk Flying knives and arrows, acrobatics on a trampoline and cyr wheel, the first foreign performers, new circus disciplines, projections, live music, a cup of coffee in the twenty-foot level and above risk as the main theme - not just spectators can look forward to a new performance Risk, whose premiere shall file Cirk La Putyka from 17 to 19 January in Prague La Fabrica.

"We also use a puppet theater in relation to the acrobatics and modern dance, unpretentious, simple materials and link dance with physical disabilities," says the director and principal file Rosťa Novak. Besides the six domestic performers show off their circus skills Circus for the first time in a performance of La Putyka foreign performers - from Sweden, Finland and France with experience from the world's major files.

The first idea for the show came Risk in May 2011. "I became interested in the risk of our lives, what happens to us when we are at risk, why is the risk of someone driving force for someone brake. And also, what does it mean handicap, "says Rosťa Novak." We started by trying three preparatory laboratories that always resulted in happening. The whole testing in the laboratory Švanda Theatre in Preslová street then was distributed to approximately one year, "he adds.

What is the name applies performance? "The name generally refers to our lives. After all risking life becomes sweeter, but there's a dark side, and then it's good to know, "explains Rosta. In what follows on their previous performances and what's new at Risk? "On his previous projects follows a - thoughts, experiences, but I try to go back on and try new things - it's a new circus. The first time I was now working in English with an international cast and I also collaborated with the choreographer from Belgium. Some things I then tried to move also on a European scale, somewhere I've pushed the boundaries and limits of their file., "Adds Rosťa." It was one of the hardest projects I've done, "he says.

Introducing Risk was created within the project Lacrimae, long-term cooperation between three leading European ensembles - from Sweden (Circus Cirkör), Czech Republic (La Cirk Putyka) and France (Cahin CAHA). Offer to participate in this project got Cirk la Putyka in 2010 from Daniel Gulko of Cahin Caha. Sample joint work of the three files was seen at the Summer Festival Summer 2012, all performances were sold out and valued not only the audience but also artistic criticism.

Immediately after the Prague evenings Cirk La Putyka Risk indicating its international premiere at La Seyne sur Mer and Marseille in France, and in Prague in March and early April, also in Lower Vitkovice Ostrava.

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