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In Prague Zoo with most pups born in history

In Prague Zoo with most pups born in history The year 2012 was a record for the Prague Zoo in the number of births. In the language of numbers is an astounding 1,557 entries in 211 species. Many of the young, such as rats largest sojkovci rezavouší korunkaté or turtles are breeding quite extraordinary. Rare additions are also expected at the beginning of 2013.

"A record number of babies, which is at the zoo in the past year were born, we are extremely pleased," says succesfull breeding season 2012 Zoological deputy Jaroslav Simek, "success is not only high numbers, but also the demands of rearing. Several of them are world unique. '

Duplication spiny turtle is exceptional. In 2012, the zoo multiplied as the first in the world still korunkatou turtle. The year 2012 was especially rich in reptiles, which are hatched or born to 770 pieces! The most important reptilian litters of pups include seven turtles korunkaté, three cubs spiny turtles, as well as Komodo dragons agamky or sandy.

Total of 550 chicks hatched birds. Rare as the second rearing twins dvojzoborožce nosorožčího, which has not yet been found anywhere else in Europe. For the first time in Prague, and even around the world, we also bred sojkovce rezavouché, unique is rearing two pups food specialists Openbill African or endemic only European starlings breeding hairless.

Also did well among mammals. 69 kinds including gorillas or giraffes generally bore the 268 pups. Extraordinary was reared rats largest, are also rare quadruplets cibetkovité beast Binturong or two cubs mustelidae Tayr. The great interest of visitors wakes fourth young female gorilla Kijivu, the first red panda cub, the second South American tapir in the history of the Prague zoo or four young giraffes.

Rare additions we expect at the beginning of the year. At different stages of pregnancy are all adult females in the herd Rothschild giraffes, one of which bears the parsonage in the coming weeks. Before birth has Kamba female gorilla, orangutan or elephant Donna Mawar female.

Photo: Petr Velenský, Prague Zoo
Source: tz Prague Zoo

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