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His best known skin

In order to avoid serious and incurable stages of skin cancer, we may not be experts either do not need any special devices. Suffice it to us only your eyes and a mirror. A few minutes spent sebeprohlížení us can literally save your life.

What would there be not

Many people still do not know what to look for and what skin finding is advisable to go to the doctor. Focus on a tour to the following:
Asymmetry. Attentive when one mole of the second and unlike the so-called asymmetric.
Border. Risk are irregular, wavy or difficult to read boundary marks.
Color. Should prefer to visit a doctor whenever there is a striking color melanoma. We hardly escape a red, white or blue districts, we should not neglect even different shades of black or brown.
Changes. Any shifts in size, color or shape are a warning sign.

Bet on stereotype

With regular observation of skin should follow good practice for us to forget some parts of the body. You can acquire this example:
Raise arms, watch the left and right torso.
Next, check the shoulders, arms, forearms and hands, including palms.
Then, focus on the lower extremities. Do not forget the back of the legs, feet and spaces between toes.
Thoroughly inspect the area of ​​the abdomen and chest, be sure to place or under breasts.
With the help of mirrors vyšetřitelná explore difficult areas such as the genitals, buttocks, back, back of the neck portion of the skin and hair.

Lord's time

According to dermatologists is the early detection of changing the signs of skin or newly created key department directly. Given that each of us know your skin best, we are just the ones who will notice first, though so far subtle changes. For this reason, it is advisable to check your skin regularly and in case of any doubt, the first contact doctor.

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