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Antistress Ten gets you (again) to the well-being

We all know very well, and probably has not even been scientifically proven: stressful situations exist only in our heads and actually create them yourself. With your stress while you learn to handle so that you did not understand, but contrary to you mastered it.

Stress is not only negative thing: in the course of evolution has evolved to help us to live and survive. Making The stress is natural, just above us not to gain power.

Stress lurks on every corner

If you are feeling stressed and you have decided against excess stress in their lives to fight, is the first and most important step to correctly identify the root cause. Maybe you have a clear (good start!), But perhaps you do not know why you feel frustrated or depressed unnerved.

The most common causes of stress are hiding in areas most important to humans
family problems, relationships with close people;
problems in employment, congestion, or a sense of futility;
financial difficulties;
health problems;
poor prospects for the future, unfulfilled (and often both unrealistic) expectations.

If you find any of the above mentioned areas constant source of stress, probably the time is ripe for radical intervention in your life and how his experience. But even if you are usually not significantly nestresuje and you have a problem "only" with some stressful situations (job interview, exam, visit the mother-in-law), you can learn to control your stress, if you adhere to the following procedure.

By the way, if you learn to deal with stress properly, it will, according to experts an amazing effect on your health. It is only a few health problems which would be exacerbated by stress. For more information on how stress can contribute to the development of cancer as well as erectile dysfunction, read the article on impotence .

How to stay calm in stressful situations and eliminate long-term stress from your life

Identify the cause of stress - think for a moment and admit the truth, why do you feel stressed right now.
Choose how you respond to stress - even if you can not remove the cause of stress, you can choose how you react to stress. The possibilities are in principle two. If the cause of stress will soon be gone (unpleasant situation in a traffic jam for example), if the cause lies in the past (you regret something you have not mastered) if the thing you can not do anything about (you forgot to phone home in the morning) or if (after much deliberation ) not much of anything substantial, just let the stress leave as small showers. If the cause is more important, the stress we suffer more often or longer, and can also affect the cause, then it is necessary to respond to events.
Stand facing stress - the stress, worry and delay the solution does not help. If you are stressed by something that you just can not or should not be ignored, initiate action to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Delaying the solution is always extended and particularly strengthens your stress. On the other hand, some situations are so difficult and stressful it can not immediately start address. In that case, do not be afraid to choose your "time out" calmly eat a chocolate bar or get (rarely) drink. But as soon as you are able to see the situation with relative ease at least, begin to plan the event.
Make a plan - sometimes we can remove the cause of stress only by vigorous action, it usually requires more time and effort to balance. If you situation seems complicated calmly write down on paper the steps that need to be taken for its satisfactory solution. Although it sometimes seems that no solution is, in most cases it is possible to do something. Always at least then you will feel less helpless, which in itself significantly reduces your stress. Also if you know that you will be a stressful situation in the future, try to advance it in my head or on paper to outline its possible solutions. Imagine for yourself in advance, as this most stressful situations in a calm and walk with your head held high.
You do not want to solve everything at once - a plan that you have created Fill gradually. If you want to solve everything at once and you stand alone against an impossible task, probably fail again and you will feel even worse than before. Please proceed in small steps, and realistic way for you to stressful situations or permanent sources of stress reliably mastered.

10 steps to ease the stress

Maybe the previous plan to expel excess stress from your life and gain control over stressful situations, it seems to start too complicated or abstract. In that case, I take to heart at least one of the simple and effective advice "protistresového Ten Commandments":
Unnecessary stressful situations calmly avoid, it is no disgrace.

Also avoid extremes - in every respect.
Take a realistic goal.
Determine your priorities in life and stick to those. Others quietly let be.
If it is possible, and if it is a permanent and fundamental cause of stress, always choose "active" reaction (solve the problem) instead of "escape".
If you suffer from a chronic lack of time and the resulting constant pressure to reduce the number of activities, otherwise it simply will not work.
Dopřávejte get enough sleep. If your sleep quality and sufficient, or whether the contrary, neglect - in short, how do you sleep - You can also find out by using our calculator .
Move to walk, exercise, sport.
Determine at what activities are best abreact, and aside time on it, on which let anyone rob you.
Take each day at least a little time to myself.

And finally, remember that stress is not just a psychological problem, but it significantly affects our physical processes, or even the risk of certain diseases, especially heart disease. With the risk of heart attack calculator you can calculate how much severe heart disease caused inter alia by stress also apply to you.

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