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Mold in the bathroom? Danger not only for people with allergies

Almost in every bathroom from time to time there mold. Given that its disputes virtually ubiquitous, no wonder. Allergy sufferers may be affected by mold health risk significantly, but not theirs. Who and why is it still in danger?

Reactions are different

The degree of difficulty which, after contact with mold allergic effect is individual. Inhalation of spores in susceptible individuals triggers an inflammatory reaction of the immune system. Releases histamine, which causes swelling of the airways. This defensive reaction is to protect the body against inhaled affected other hazardous substances. Unfortunately, it also causes shortness of breath, and followed by symptoms such as:
runny nose,
nasal congestion (stuffy nose feeling)
often also an asthma attack associated with significant respiratory distress, wheezing and choking.

Who is at risk

The performed studies showed that the best spores thrive in warm environments with humidity over 60 percent. Moreover, the absence of good ventilation conditions are ideal for the proliferation. List mildew war (not in the bathroom) should in particular:
patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
people with cystic fibrosis
patients with weakened immune systems (from surgery, being treated with AIDS, cancer, etc.).

Lurking on healthy people

Do you think that if you are healthy, this problem does not concern you? It is unfortunately true. Evaluated data confirmed the relationship between long-term exposure to mold spores and the incidence of severe lung disease in healthy individuals. These were most commonly developed inflammation of the lungs, sinuses, and the so-called hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

Whether your health any, do not mold to your home remains rife. Put an end to them once and for all - healthy lungs for all your family's well worth a little effort.

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