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Stray bus at the finish of his first journey

Stray bus at the finish of his first journey Football match between Deux-Zero and Lycée de Somalomo, starring Karel Poborský, Sunday started a project Stray bus. He has children of the forest areas of Cameroon gorillas bring uniqueness and lead them to nature conservation.

A first twelve pupils from Somalomo, which lies on the border of Dja Biosphere Reserve, Stray bus yesterday after a two-day journey has brought to Limbe. In the local rescue station, the children learn about gorillas and other representatives of local fauna and also meet with peers who work in the local Nature Club.

"We want to keep the Stray bus in operation for at least four years,"
said zoo director Miroslav Bobek Prague. "Every year should allow the visit rescue centers in Limbe or Mefou hundreds of children from the Dja forest."

Stray bus project organized with the support of the City of Prague, under the auspices of the Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda Prague Zoo. Picking up on its earlier activities in Central Africa, of which the most significant was the distribution of fifteen thousand books about gorillas among schoolchildren in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Gabon, Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Stray bus operation is funded by donations, sale of merchandising and in particular from the so-called Crown of admission.

"As confirmed by local environmentalists and politicians hope for the future nature of Cameroon's youngest generation. Project Stray bus which forms its attitudes, so highly valued, "says Councillor Helen Chudomelová that the first bus ride wandering personally participated.

Stray bus can support anyone. The easiest way is to visit the Prague Zoo, but can also contribute to the composition of the present value of 100, 300 or 500 crowns at the information center in Prague zoo, for which you'll get original commemorative certificate, pointing to the account of any amount help them survive 43-6804660247/0100 (variable symbol project is 11), or by sending an SMS with donor DMS GORILYAFRIKA to 87 777

Source: tz Prague zoo

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