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Ice Kingdom or ice sculpture festival, subtitled Polar Zoo!

Ice Kingdom or ice sculpture festival, subtitled Polar Zoo! You'll be taken to the land of the Arctic Circle, where reigns hard winter and the ice does not melt. In winter the temperature drops down to - 43 degrees and in the summer the thermometer climbs to zero. Despite these harsh conditions that prevail here, live here, marine and terrestrial mammals. Do you know what animals live in the Arctic Circle?

On the roof of the shopping center Galerie Harfa grow over the weekend 9th and 10 Feb. little polar zoo so you can familiarize your children with these very animals that you would hardly find elsewhere.

The second year of the biggest Czech festival of ice sculptures for you this time prepared topic polar zoo. The larger than life so albatross encounter deer, manner, seal, penguin, polar fox, a bear or a wolf. On the roof of business Harp Gallery will be prepared for you a unique exhibition of ice sculptures, so you can become witnesses of how individual exhibits arise.

Last year you could admire portraits of prominent Czech and foreign politicians. After all, who of us would occasionally like to see a policy on ice!

If you wish, you can also enjoy free ice skating rink with skate hire. Sweeten your weekend shopping visit a unique exhibition. Statues polar animals you will be able to see until you do not thaw!

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