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Maples beat christen a new CD in Švanda Theatre

Maples beat christen a new CD in Švanda Theatre Supporters of Hana and Peter Ulrychových finally waited. Together again and accompanied groups Maples beat late last year released a new CD titled Brother sister.

Songwriter and singer Petr Ulrych made with a bunch of related musicians like homemade jam session. With the help of Hany created a simple bouquet of songs, where we feel an honest old beat, lyrics and innuendo Moravian klezmer music.

Who do you hear on the CD? Sister brother and sister brother. Milos Koubek (alternating electric guitar with classic nylons and ukulele), James Šimáně (often used in addition to the obligatory bass and fretless for interesting melodic solos), Ondra Strouhal (on accordion and keyboards) and Paul Dormouse on cajon and percussion.

This group also played on stage, news, but mostly what you know well from them. Silently and aloud, with different energy and color to Maple violin-dulcimer, but also similar. After all, most of the songs have joint concerts of both assemblies.

Launch of the new CD will take place in the concert of a group of siblings Ulrychových Maples beat in Prague Švandovo 21st Theater February 2013 from 20 hours.

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