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Interest on financial products has increased significantly last year

In 2012, clients had DataLife of financial products most interest in life insurance, the number of contracts increased from the previous year by 48%. This stems from the current statistics financially consulting company that evaluate last year. Demand according to the latest data also increased in the case of retirement benefit policies, building savings and mortgage loans.

According to the latest statistics of DataLife was in 2012 the total number of contracts relating to life insurance for almost half more than in 2011. The share of life insurance accounted for 50.6% of the total number of contracts concluded in the last year. According to experts, the candidates especially those whose permanent income of the household finances. Increased interest on life insurance is related to the growing number of mortgage loans. They're just people with mortgages who are aware of the need to protect his family in case of unexpected events.

"Demand clients after the conclusion of life insurance in the past year increased rapidly. The sharpest increase in the interest we have registered particularly in October and November. Candidates usually breadwinners, of which a large portion of repaying a mortgage loan. These people have a great responsibility and tries to why their loved this step to ensure against personal injury or death, "said Jaroslav Nightingale, CEO of DataLife that offers expertise in the field of finance." Increase of interest in life insurance was also associated with the unification of insurance rates for men and women, which took place in December last year. The result of this union was to increase the sum insured for women. If the wife wanted out life insurance at a lower rate, it had to do so in December, "said Nightingale.

The statistics of DataLife mapping last year showed that people had a financial interest in the products more than in 2011. Last year the company recorded a threefold increase in the number of such closed mortgage loans. The increase in the number of new applicants was also observed in the case of pension schemes and. Last year, people have had the opportunity to conclude this latest insurance under the original terms, from January 2013, the rules have the new pension reform. While the statistics showed a fourfold increase in the number of building savings.

"Prolonged economic recession has forced people to think about the financial stability of the family. And because of the higher probability of losing their jobs, people become interested in financial products that provide families in adverse situations, "said Peter Temelkov, principal analyst DataLife.
"The economic recession has also resulted in low interest rates. This has raised many people the courage to purchase their own housing. The monthly cost of the mortgage is not currently much higher than rental housing. The surveys also confirmed that people perceive the great advantage of maintaining the option of deducting tax financial products, "added Temelkov.

Source: Lesenský.cz

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