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Hybrids and electric cars are dangerous for pedestrians. Because silence

Do you imagine the future city as a paradise oasis of tranquility where the silver polished road glide noiselessly clean cars? So such a future will probably confess, because modern car, although it is not equipped with noisy combustion engine must be properly heard. That's exactly what manufacturers of electric vehicles and hybrids requires American security office.

National Authority for Road Safety U.S. Department of Transportation (NHTSA) requires products for electric and hybrid vehicles to fulfill mandatory minimum standards for noise. The reason is pedestrian safety required by the Act of 2010. According to him, allegedly to be warned pedestrians passing cars. And because of that must be heard.

"It will help secure operation of our roads for all participants, whether motorists, cyclists or pedestrians. Especially help people with poor vision, "says Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

Electric and hybrid engines, unlike gasoline and diesel counterparts much quieter especially at lower speeds. "Autovýrobci The proposal would have the opportunity to equip vehicles with a wide range of audio accessories, different models and for different uses. Pedestrians, bicyclists, and especially those who incorrectly sees, help you decide whether it is safe to cross the road, "said David Strickland of NHTSA.

The sound of the car will have to be audible over the normal noise of the city or street and at speeds below 30 km / h Especially when driving slowly on yourself will have hybrids and electric vehicles artificially supplied alert sounds. At speeds above 30 km / h according to NHTSA generate electric or hybrid engines large enough noise to warn both pedestrians and cyclists before entering the roadway.

Noise level according to the proposal will have to be recognizable in the background, which is at least 55 decibels, which is said to be powerful enough sound to him pedestrians could be distinguished from background noise.

According to the promoters, manufacturers design cars to choose from a large number of options, however, must comply with the minimum requirements for safe noise levels. The proposal would also products of one company should use the same sound or series of sounds.

According to NHTSA, this action would reduce the number of injuries to pedestrians and cyclists about 2,800 cases a year.


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