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Snowshoeing will be a new hit this winter in Sumava

Snowshoeing will be a new hit this winter in Sumava Phenomenon this winter in Šumava could become snowshoeing. Administration of NP and PLA increased the number of information centers, where the trips will be organized. If agreement is also possible in some information centers to go snowshoeing at any time.

Snowshoeing - a new phenomenon that has appeared in recent years tourists in Šumava. Even during the winter of 2011/2012 organized workers Sumava National Park Authority snowshoeing in Kvilda, where he organized a total of 11 walks, which were attended by 170 people. This year is already much greater range and number of walks will be more than doubled.

"With the increased interest in snowshoeing we bought dozens of new pairs of snowshoes. All with the help of grant projects. From this winter will be held in Kvilda trips to Stožec on ​​Svinných Ladách and Kašperské Mountains, "says
John Sýsová, Head of Information Management centers NP and PLA.

Public interest in snowshoeing in Kvilda Zývalové, according to Dana, head of the local information center increase. Places are always ahead of busy people is a must due to the limited number of snowshoes book. "Cruise lines are more than five kilometers long and not demanding. Itineraries vary according to age group composition and performance, but also depending on snow conditions. We are trying to collect interesting and peaceful route, where people get on skis, "says Dana Zývalová.

During the trip, tourists learn more about Šumava attractions, the history of the sites or the occurrence of local plants and animals. "Snowshoes rent only for a trip. It is not possible for the people went with them into the wild alone, "explains Paul Pechoušek, a spokesman for the Administration of NP and PLA." But certainly not a problem when the expedition connects tourists with their own snowshoes, "he adds. Information centers organize snowshoeing roughly every two weeks. At some information centers can plan a trip anytime. Kvilda is 13 pairs of snowshoes, the remaining centers to thirty. As an accompaniment to Kvilda regular expressions and employee information and Watchkeeping for NP and PLA Paul Veverka, which is a great connoisseur of feet of animals, whose determination is to walk any great interest.

The earliest date snowshoeing takes place on the 5th Kvilda Second 2013th

Source: tz NP Šumava

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