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Andrew Brzobohatý enjoying success on Villon Jezerce

Andrew Brzobohatý enjoying success on Villon Jezerce Celebrates its thirtieth birthday in early February Ondřej Brzobohatý, composer of musical theater first ever Jezerce I, Francois Villon. One of the gifts of the composer is also the fact that the story of the medieval rebel belongs to most popular titles on this set.

Along with Andrew created this original Czech news that in February we will see a total of three times, George Hubač and Pavel Vrba. French poet embodies the young actor and singer Martin Písařík, Catherine, the main female character, played by Peter Vraspírová. Directed by Radek Balaš.

"It's a musical with everything. Sing it live, and because the foundations of recorded music composer Ondřej Brzobohatý with a large orchestra, the actors are equipped with top microports. The main theme of the play is the desire for freedom and for love, "says Principal Theatre on Jan Jezerce Hrušínský. In Villon also stars Peter Kostka, John Small, Petr Vacek, Peter Strenáčik, Tomas Petrik, Andrew Black, and Thomas Vanek.

"Preparing the musical was exceptional for several reasons. One of them was that I said George Hubač, excellent playwright. Villon wrote the story, which I happen to be loved since childhood. Another highlight for me was working with songwriter Pavel Vrba, "says Ondřej Brzobohatý. A year ago, he began to Villon Jezerce try. "I was satisfied that it was directed by Radek Balaš. In the implementation, we had to adapt a little theater musical. That in itself was also an adventure. Very beautiful work. I am very happy for her as well as for the success that has now Villon, "says the composer. And he adds that prefers not to that part in which he sings "François, Francis, Frank, break that and that ..." This tune sounds in the ears when leaving Jezerkou and most viewers.

On his thirtieth Ondřej Brzobohatý not going to any great party. Birthdays usually not particularly celebrate. "Maybe we'll go for a beer with friends, no glory would that do it," he says. A thirty not considered to be a turning point in his life. "Numbers have never been my friend," says the composer.

Musical I, Francois Villon, which is dedicated to the recently deceased George and Paul Hubač Vrbov, indicating Jezerce Theatre on the 1st, 10th and 16 February.

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