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In Prague Zoo born baby orangutan

In Prague Zoo born baby orangutan Prague Zoo rejoices in the birth of one of the most endangered apes planet Sumatran orangutan. The baby was born a female Mawar yesterday morning. Indonesian jungle pavilion remains limited due to the absolute tranquility for both mother and baby yet closed.

"Little orangutan is one of the most significant acquisitions in recent years," said zoo director Miroslav Bobek Prague. "Mawar female gave birth to her third cub, which is based on the first observations healthy. In Prague Zoo orangutan born last forty-two years ago. "

Mawar gave birth in the back of the exhibition, where under the stone arches built the comfortable nest of wood wool. "Val David brought the farmer now female cub on Sunday also show. He thus had the opportunity to briefly examine and observe gripping reflex chick. The small orangutan has also drunk. So far it has been impossible to determine its sex, "says the curator of primates Vit Lukas.

Essential for successful breeding this exceptional growth is now quiet. Indonesian jungle pavilion remains closed until further notice.

The small orangutan is čtyřiadvacetiletý Mawar the third child. Previous Gempa son still lives at the Prague Zoo, where his mother arrived in fall 2011 from Jersey. Sire is fourteen Padang.

Prague Zoo orangutans behave Sumatra since 1961. In 1971, a female born Sonya's first baby in breed history not only in Prague but also in the former Czechoslovakia. The male was called Kama. Still lives in the Prague zoo, because of the complex nature, the other side of orangutans on the island. In 2000 and 2001, Kamov and his then partner ISIT born two sons Philip and PAGY, but neither came into the world at the Prague Zoo. Due to the construction of the Indonesian jungle where orangutans lived in other Czech zoo.

In nature remains approximately the last 7,300 Sumatran orangutans and their statuses are still falling rapidly. Threatens the loss of habitat and illegal hunting. Breeding in zoos is crucial for the survival of the species.

Source: tz
Photo: T. Adamec, Prague Zoo

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