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Sunny skiing in great alpine valley

Sunny skiing in great alpine valley Ski season does not end in the Stubai Valley with the meteorological winter. When you begin in mid-February days lengthen, the sun will run longer and the sun will grow in strength and increasingly warm, not guests in the Stubai Valley is far from thinking about the end of winter sports fun.

When you begin to slowly rise temperature, down in the valley appears first meadows and the mountains are spectacular attraction becomes firn, exchange skiers and snowboarders quite happy for solar goggles. This time of year often seen on the slopes enthusiasts of all ages and fitness, riding down in T-shirts with short sleeves lubricated suntan lotion. In all four Stubai ski areas there is at this time busy. Take advantage of the sunny ski season and enjoy the natural diversity of the region can least until Easter, and on the glacier naturally well into June.

The Stubai glacier awaits skiers only 110 km of perfectly groomed slopes, but also plenty of other variations on ski runs and trails.

Who alone on the ski slopes dare, but would still like to admire breakneck descents, may attend the event, which held on 23 February 2013, when the glacier races will be held Faces Open Freeride Series. Professional freeriders will go down this route while on the Stubai glacier, particularly difficult slope in a free, rough terrain, and thus will have a chance to qualify for this race in the World Tour Freeride World Tour.

The Stubai glacier, however, just do not go in the spring on the slopes and off. Lovers of skiing freestyle draws Moreboards Stubai Zoo snowpark. The snow Kingdom April-May held various spring events "Spring Session". Freeskiers and snowboarders have a period like this, because in a softer and softer snow effects may particularly well and hone their acrobatic stunts.

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