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Drugs as an escape from reality

The relatively large number of people see alcohol in a kind of escape from a world full of unpleasant things. For the same reasons, some individuals reach even for drugs - the quest for money, the desire for love and endless search for work then seems easier. Unfortunately, only to disillusionment, so the whole "carousel" must often rotate on and on.

The illusion of a better world

The most common reasons why people see drugs in solution are:
Allow them to escape from feelings of anxiety and hopelessness.
Placed by hallucinogenic substances into a world full of possibilities, where things are still just deteriorated.
Drugs may cause circumstances that gives a person a sense of greater importance.

On a cloud

Various kinds of drugs has various effects. Marijuana instance, gives its users a false sense of joy. Such people usually laugh for the biggest follies and trifles. Everything they are "stolen" and are convinced that the world is somehow better. Inveterate smoker lights a marijuana either early in the morning or during the day when anything goes wrong. Without their drugs may feel quite depressed and may even look and new, risky ways to get heady state again.

The depression in the back

With heavier drugs such as cocaine, the escape takes the form of complete numbness of the problems and concerns of everyday life. The recipient disengages from reality due to increased brain activity. Physically, he feels well and sees the world more clearly, suddenly everything is positive. Unlike marijuana is that when hard drug intoxication ends, the user now wants more. If it is not, goes straight into depression, which can often be worse than before the first use of the drug.

The horrors of addiction

Drug users can never start to apply these substances with the fact that they want to become addicted. Such a person may start because of friends who persuades him to do so, or because he needs to get away from something. The fact is that drugs completely changes the perception of reality and give the impression that everything goes better. What is most frightening of these substances but addiction - without it, about drugs not so much evil.

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