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Author Daphne games Vittorio Franceschi smile at the premiere of the Rococo Theatre

Author Daphne games Vittorio Franceschi smile at the premiere of the Rococo Theatre "The actors are really excellent and the director approached the text with sensitivity and respect," said the author of the presentation.

Italian actor, director and playwright Vittorio Franceschi came at the weekend to Prague to visit both premiere of his play Smile Daphne. They were held on Friday 1 Second and Saturday, the 2nd Second Rococo Theatre and author of the game so he could watch both alternations - in addition to the main protagonist Peter Stepanek alternate Jitka sad with Dana and SYSLOVÁ Evellyn Pacoláková with Masha Malkova.

Interview with Vittorio Franceschim

Have you ever been before in Prague? How do you like it here?
I was really here to just jump in the late 70 last century. We stopped here for a few hours with our set on the way to the Polish Festival in Deer Mountain. So it really does not - and we can say that we are in Prague for the first time, even if only for three days. Today we went around town with my son, who is a designer, and we were totally impressed. We made ​​perhaps hundreds of photos. We knew that it was beautiful and glorious city, but we could not imagine it. The city is great, but it also has cozy, and is seen as constantly changing. Do you feel that long history.

But the main reason was to visit the premiere of your game Smile Daphne. How did you like the show?
I liked very much. The actors are excellent - and that's what matters. Even if the director is also important because it is responsible to give the whole production direction. It's good when you can rely on a good actor, because they are the true representatives of the theater. I, of course, as an actor, I defend the profession. I was pleased when I found out that the actors are really excellent and the director approached the text with sensitivity and respect. It often happens that stage directors raping text, customize and comes out of it something completely different than the original intent. Here, I think it's very well managed, I'm showing a very positive impression.

What you can see your game in a foreign language?

It's a strange feeling. I heard their texts in German and English and Czech sounds as strange to me. However, each language has its musicality, expressiveness. Its appeal lies not only in words, but in how they are spoken. I watched the reaction of the audience and it was clear to me that just the way the actors text say is the most important thing.

The main character is Daphne smiles botanist. Is it coincidence or intention to the contrary? Do you personally relate to botany, to nature?
There are two reasons why the main character botanist. I wanted it to be an educated man, a professor who has some knowledge, experience, ability irony. This type of characters in the drama occurs often - they are doctors, lawyers. The fact that I chose botany, contributed to my relationship to nature, to the plants. Twenty-five years ago we bought land in the country and where the field was before, I built a garden. Some trees and flowers I planted myself. I love the garden here, so I'm sure it had some effect that I had when writing often looked out the window. Plants are beautiful living creatures. I find it wrong to speak of a man who has a chance to heal, it is in a "vegetative state".

Do you remember how you got to the theater?

I come from a family in which no one was theater. My father was a carpenter, his mother worker. But it was just my mother, who was leading me into a puppet theater. I was those pieces with a wooden head, fascinated, for me it was a magical world that allowed me to dream. We went to the theater on Sunday, while most classmates went to the movies. On Monday, the school shared their experiences of what they saw. When they asked me what I saw, I replied, that puppet theater. And for that, I scoffed, I felt them stupid. But as you can see from the theater I was not discouraged, on the contrary.

In 1968 you together with Dario Fo stood at the birth Nuova Scena in Milan and it was actually the start of your theater work.
The theater Dario Fo I had actually nothing in common. Was a generation older. Just when we got together to raise money for the theater, but then our paths went in different directions. I am in the early 70 years he moved with his group to Bologna. Here we offer a space were desecrated church. Leonard, who belonged to the city, and we got permission to use it for theater activities. He later added more space Arena del Sole, and it works to this day. I just eventually gave younger colleagues.

Dealing with theater for fifty years. Which creative period of his life, consider the most successful?

I can not say. Every season has its moments of glory. The first success of my life I have experienced in 15 years, when I wrote the first comedy. She played with back in the little theater that belonged to the church. And since those nice period was plenty. Mostly related to specific people, just the meeting for me was the most important.

Are you an actor, director and playwright. Which of these professions you enjoy the most?

The actor and playwright confess, but do not see the director. While I can put together a show, but I do not feel as a director. It has to do with the fact that as a writer I see my text in some way, and I'm actually able to see "for him" to see more. So when my text takes someone else can find it in things that do not even know that there are. If handy can add text to my higher value. I think it is important that the person understand his place as he goes. And leave the rest to others. Because theater is a collective craft.

How many games did you write? Which one was the most successful, and which is your favorite?

I do not know how many games I wrote, I really do not count. When we had a theater company, every year I wrote at least one game. It was a great school, but I admit that those games were often associated with a specific time and that now I would neinscenoval. The most successful, which received several awards and has been staged several times, I named Bo (z) mat and smile Daphne. I love the game too dead body, it's five different monologues, spoken over the deceased. But I do not know if it's my best game. Then I have like two games that have never been staged - came just printing. The first one is called Marie 'castaways. This is wrong by me because it is in the power of the characters. I'm tired just writing monologues or play for 2-3 characters, I wanted to try something else. But in today's game is not about chance, because everywhere saves. Why not play the second - queen of hats - do not know. Maybe it's the fact that the heroine is beautiful from the waist up, but the lower part of the body is deformed, so such a character actresses like it.

Do you teach acting at drama school Alessandro Galante Garrone in Bologna, where you are also one of the directors. Today's generation of artists is accused that focuses more commercial direction for the theater and has sufficient motivation, enthusiasm and patience. How do you see it?
I have rather the opposite experience. Our students, when talking about commercial theater or television, hitched up his nose. And I think they are honest. That we no longer have any ideals, but the young have pure dreams. When I talk to them about theater work, I feel I have a desire to make beautiful things, not the commercial, vulgar. They do not sell soul to the devil. In every generation the talent. It is true that some of the talent they have more, but it is to some extent also due to the conditions that the company provides them. Coming to our school a lot of young talented people, but not all last. Sometimes it is because they have the impression that they are unlucky, the others have sharper elbows, more "my drive," can better enforce. As we all know, no one in the theater rich. And if someone decides to spite the theater stay doing it for financial reasons, but because he wanted to make something beautiful, something that fills him.

Let's go back to your work. What do you expect this year?

With students from our school are preparing theatrical performance about the Nazi concentration camps, that we wanted to play at higher levels of primary schools. And in the fall preparing own adaptation of Gogol's Coats, which should play in Bologna. And in March I would be released poetry collection.

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