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With a smart diet to get into shape quickly

With a smart diet to get into shape quickly You blew the Christmas lifestyle and want to start the new year with a clean slate? Try holy trinity: Lots of fluids, one hot meal a day and most importantly enjoy. Success guaranteed!

Drinking regime

Water, water, water ... Have you also sick of? It's no wonder. Who would have also indulged in the middle of winter. But it does not mean that you have to přešaltovat only hot teas. Experiment. You have already tried to be warmed orange juice? Season with him cinnamon, cloves, anise and star anise, and now you have an alternative to mulled wine. Of course you can not make him drink liters a day, but when you chasing the remnants of candy sweet tooth, healthier and equally tasty alternative find.
Have you also heard saying that hunger is disguised thirsty? It is not a slogan eternal dietářek. Put your resolutions that once you begin to rumble in the belly and you nakročíte to the refrigerator or fast food, stop and have a drink. Just a kid. For a moment you feel better, replenish fluids and in the meantime, figure out what to eat sensible.

Do not force

Two or three times the resistance overwhelming, but what else? Therefore, if you do not taste the rice and fish fillet sandwiches, eat them. Give them a place to be whole grain bread and sardines. You will see that they will provide the same service. Fills up healthily and still enjoy.
You miss ideas? Go here for inspiration in some of the vegetarian restaurants that are famous for their art prepare healthy, original and in the vast majority of cases, as well as dietary food selected taste. If you are still in doubt, take a half portion. Save money and do not leave the table as bale.

Vegetables in the winter?

Yes! If you dread the idea of ​​iceberg lettuce as well as water, let your vegetables steamed, modified by boiling or lightly fried in a pan. If you edit it sparingly, it remains preserved in a number of vitamins and minerals and yet you meet the third obligation - one hot meal a day. In winter it is an absolute necessity. Warms you, fills and smooths. If you can prepare such a light sauce, cooking time saved will appreciate the dinner itself, when it is advisable to slowly savor dish. The market is available from a number of different flavors and sauces mostly free of preservatives, which just slightly Orestovich vegetables with pieces of meat - if you prefer a lighter meal option. If you like dining with attachments, Cook also having a brown rice.

Exotic fragrance bored

For example, in many sauces from Spak has many flavors - from light sladkokyselých (eg Szechuan), dark, exotic (Chinese with mushrooms), aromatic overflowing on vegetables and potatoes (Garlic, Horseradish) to a richer cream (coconut curry, Thai curry). It depends on the tastes of each and whether you are on a maintenance diet or reducing or simply want to give a warm and healthy meal that's ready in minutes and preparation you need is two pieces of cookware. You do not have to stay only for meat and rice. Try to be spicy Thai curry sauce with lentils and root vegetables. Ideas and variations are endless. It is important that you enjoyed the food, bored and still contribute to your health.

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