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5 things you should not miss in the medicine cabinet skiers

The winter season has completely inherently include skiing, both cross-country and downhill skiing. Besides entertainment with you, this winter sport also brings minor health risks, such as scrapes, bruises, blisters, bruises or burns.

We present five tips on what to pack in their ski kits for any injuries you could not stay in the mountains miserable.

First tip: Hydrocolloid plasters

Minor scratches and surface damage, which often occurs when skiing, the best quality and well resolve holding patches. Very well served by so-called hydrocolloid dressings that are able to not only protect the wound from bacteria, but also to heal. "Hydrocolloid patches contain active ingredients that help to remove the damaged part of the tissues. Its healing effects while reducing the risk of unsightly scars. Suffered injury in addition can painlessly heal more during their stay in the mountains, "says Catherine Krejčířová from ConvaTec, which has developed a highly functional hydrocolloid patch DuoDerm Extra Thin. The advantage of this kind of patches that can be worn without replacement of up to seven days in a row.

Second tip: Disinfection

Many accidents skiing ends abrasion, which significantly impair the delicate skin structure. Injured area is so susceptible to various types of bacteria. If these wounds are not properly treated, leads to their often painful inflammation. Therefore, you should open wound before applying the patch properly disinfected. Disinfection can be purchased in the form of a spray, cream or solution. In addition to the cleaning of the affected area usually will also help to speed up its healing. However, watch disinfection composition, especially if you are allergic to iodine. Before leaving for the mountains too, always make sure that your disinfection has expired date.

Third tip: ointment for pain

When the slopes or cross-country route přeceníte their forces, they will especially the second and third day unpleasantly painful muscles. This type of injury is not completely normal, but you can in the coming days very unpleasant enjoyment of the sport. Pulled or torn calf muscles are often so painful that his treatment persists for months. It is therefore a good idea to look for products that counteract pain. They are usually available in the form of effective ointment, so when their application can be strained muscles while gently massaged. It is often possible to use the ointment in the treatment of bruises and swellings. Some also accelerate the healing of bruises, which are a very common injury among skiers.

4th tip: Sunscreen mousse and cool

Most skiers prefer when choosing a mountain resort, which is typical of its sunny weather. Sun Mountain is very sharp and many skiers greatly underestimates its intensity. To avoid inconveniences with sensitive skin and burnt face, include a mountain sunscreen with a high protection factor and its layer periodically during the day restore. In case you are still in your face burn, keep in your medicine cabinet ready cooling products. These substances contain panthenol and vitamin E, which accelerate the healing of skin affected. They will also help fight off unpleasant pain affected area and pleasantly cool. Seating is in the form of a foam, gel and ointment.

5th tip: patches for blisters

Even with the best functional and excellent thermo-fitting ski boots are sometimes avoided blisters on the heels or toes, especially in the early days of the ski season. Definitely so be sure to equip your first aid kit with special patches for blisters. "For a variety of calluses and blisters from solid ski boot should reach for patches that also have cover also features a calming effect," explains Catherine Krejčířová from ConvaTec, which specializes in the production of hydrocolloid dressings. "It's good to look for patches that adapts wound, but stick to it. Such a coating material fact acts as a second skin and at the same time it can be removed painlessly, "adds Krejčířová.

Source: Lesenský.cz

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