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Say no sales presentations

Say no sales presentations Information about what the demonstrations, and why it is better to avoid them in the media appear more frequently. It is clear that this is not enough. The reality remains a growing number of complaints cheated elderly.

"Greater awareness of the issues brought some results. Seniors and their loved ones are aware that due to demonstration event got into serious problems that must be addressed, "says the magazine counseling dtest Luke Green. Just last year, the clinic has seen more than 2,000 complaints to senior organizer promotional events. They indicate that the organizers are developing increasingly sophisticated practices to achieve your goal. It remains the same: to sell overpriced and often poor quality goods.

Vendors at demonstrations by far not used a subtle psychological methods. On the contrary - their practices with the often rather harsh psychological pressure and often go blackmail and threats. "Cases with which to meet Hotline are really rough, especially in the context that they are seniors. Sometimes "take" method of carrot and stick, sometimes flowing alcohol shock, or boards threats and rude behavior. One of its customers for such refusal to purchase the organizers did not allow to board the bus again and left it without the help of a few tens of kilometers from his residence at an unknown location, "said Luke Green.

Many customers are unaware that the contract for a demonstration event have the right to withdraw in writing within 14 days of its conclusion. No penalty not to worry. However, the right may not be invoked in the presentation and sale of goods in the classic store. Retailers are also trying to exploit this provision and assigned notify their premises in places where they usually sell at all do not realize, for example, in hotel rooms or in villas on the edges of cities. Such a procedure but a circumvention of the law.

Another favorite tactic is to have the customer sign a purchase agreement except an agreement to repair and maintenance of the purchased goods or older. "Of course, do not fix anything and only rely on taking refuge under a statutory exception to the right of withdrawal and the consumer will not have to return the money. But they are not the truth, because the contract that circumvents the law is void, "says Luke Green.
The best advice is to avoid similar events. Elderly but sometimes difficult to resist the tempting offer trip with gifts and varied experiences.

"An effective argument for why say NO sales presentations, as well as a document to be" shoddy ". Its author Silvie Dymáková and Roman Mazalová attended in disguise actions where pensioners washed brains and where young people are not welcome, "said
Luke Green. Besides authentic footage of promotional events and testimonies of victims elderly film gives an insight psychologists, lawyers and other professionals. The document before its official premiere will be screened at the festival human rights One your t, which starts on the 4th March 2013 in Prague, and then shifted to 40 cities in the Czech Republic.

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