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The desert in Prague Zoo come spring!

The desert in Prague Zoo come spring! Although outdoor temperatures in recent days are around zero, and the Sonora desert terrarium Kattakum living spring. Their unique residents have for activities other creatures operate all year, just a few months.

"Lizards and turtles in desert exposures Kattakum and Sonora have awoken from their winter sleep and just outside are undergoing tumultuous spring activity accompanied with many interesting speeches, including courtship, fighting over females and mating," says "desert spring" in Prague Zoo reptile curator Peter Velenský.

Broad range of reptiles in the desert south exposures of North America (Sonora) and Central Asia (Kattakum) is characterized by markedly seasonal activity. Summer heat desert reptiles spend mostly in shelters and sand, fall into winter hibernation. That is significant and explozivnější their spring activity.

In a relatively short period of several months, all animals must be sufficiently heat up, fatten up and get the whole process of reproduction, including colorful and exhausting courtship.

"When they are desert lizards often males are dressed in colorful robes engagement and demonstrate a variety of behaviors including hopping imponujícího, ̕klikování, ̕ coiling tails, prohánění rivals and potential partners, ritualized biting and so on. Each kind boasts a different rituals and different kinds - be similar - does not bother each other, "adds Velenský.

Exposures to both the whole year, 24 hours a day blown fresh air from outside. Animals also sensitive to external fluctuations of day length. Therefore, in the autumn, gradually fell into hibernation, to the power off lunar light and heat sources. Their re-lit and the gradual lengthening of the day then in sensitive desert animals accustomed to early and rapid spring caused a vigorous activity.

Perfect imitation of natural conditions reptiles shows - just in Sonora and Kattakumu scene of some important breeding world, among which mention should be made of regular breeding turtles Texas, world prvoodchov agamek sandy, paještěrek steppe and the like.

Source: tz Prague Zoo

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