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Nešišlej! Logepedics songs for brave children and parents

Nešišlej! Logepedics songs for brave children and parents Funny artist album Nešišlej! Amalka K. Třebická is determined not only children but also adults listeners. It was created at the instigation of speech therapist, but has ambitions of professional material.

CD Nešišlej! Are intended as a supplement to all the little children to often so úmornému practice any problematic voice. For older children, then as an aid to clearer language, which is becoming a big problem in recent years, currently abbreviated e-culture. And for people of all ages and rhetorical skills to enjoy. The whole album is an honest acoustic style crossover.

Plays an important role in recording texts, all except three (author Miroslav Hanus), from the pen of Amalka K. Třebická. Each text is focused on the problematic one letter, so that repeated chanting of songs or parts there to practice selected sounds, but very subtle way. Moreover, for ever harsher peel find ethical or ecological dimension. And how it was intended to make such focused album explains author Amálka K. Třebická. "Working with children for many years and the move created various songs, some of them based on each month for approximately two years in the magazine Informatorium. These kids sang at home, up to one mum - speech therapist came up with the fact that some of them successfully used in their practice, and if I do not pass more. "

Expert opinion:
In my opinion, a speech therapist is Nešišlej album! a welcome tool for my work and for parents. Form of songs is great for non-violent yet highly effective practice of problematic sounds, greatly helps to fix the correct speech habits while children naturally learn the rhythm of speech. Lyrics Amalka K. Třebická are fresh and funny, the occasional "heavier" the word is balanced for children and attractive themes added value ethical subtext songs. I would definitely Nešišlej CD! all parents and speech therapists recommended as an adjunct therapy or just for fun.
Mgr. Iva Krčmářová - operator of private healthcare facilities Ambulance clinical speech therapy

Concert - CD release Nešišlej!

When: February 23, 2013 at 19:30
Where: Café in the woods, Crimean 12, Prague 10 - Vršovice

Invitation directly from the authors:
I would like to invite you all to a concert associated with the baptism of CD and selling original designs Velíšek Martin, which takes place February 23, 2013 at the Café in the woods in Prague. You will hear most of the songs from the new album and a few things more for an adult audience, with his own accompaniment on piano and accordion. And to make it perfectly stifled take care drummer David Landštof whom you may know from bands such Radůza, or XindlaX Lenka Dusilová.

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