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How to prevent spring fatigue?

How to prevent spring fatigue? He's coming to us - forty-fast before Passover begins this year on the 13th February Ash Wednesday. No, do not worry, we will not force you to starve, or contemplate the lives of the saints ....

Indeed, health nehazardovali nor our ancestors who conscientiously observe fasting. Try to inspire them more. It has a lot of advantages. For example, limiting meat stomach and intestines make better. If you instead indulge in even more vegetables, and detoxifies the body, replenish vitamins and helps prevent spring fatigue.

It certainly is not necessary to go to extremes. You do not have to eat only fruits and vegetables and drink only water or fruit and vegetable juices. It is enough just to lighten diet: eat healthy food, made from fresh fruits and raw and steamed vegetables, homemade soups, not to forget the nuts, replace white bread for wholemeal and try to eat fish at least twice a week. Completely omit only tough meat, and try to limit the maximum coffee and alcohol. Light black or herbal tea is allowed.

Certainly it is also beneficial to encourage appropriate body detoxification supplements - such Selzinkem Plus. The latter contains two important antioxidants selenium and zinc, even supplemented with vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene, which is an ideal antioxidant combination. To suffer from iron deficiency (due to the cut of meat), it is a good precaution to take tablets. Try it in combination with folic acid and vitamin B12 - together does help cell division. These three components together, such as a food supplement contains Acidofolan.

First to cure

Remember that even a change for the better for the body burden and viral infection or other illness weakened organism it would rather ask. Do not manifestations of the disease, but rather pay attention to them. It does not mean that you will magnify and keep track of every nervous symptom. Rather, it is needed immediately at the first appearance of the right to deploy effective preparation or change their behavior (for example, to hit the sack posletele). It is a truism, but admit that it just almost never do. So, for the time sacrifice. Get a natural spray for runny stuffy nose (great as Physiomer that contains only hypertonic sea water) that make you feel better quickly, while unnecessarily nezahltíte body chemistry.
After the fever often followed by cough. Remember that not everyone is a need to control. If it is not irritating and hard dry (it is needed to stop to needlessly provoke cavity), on the contrary, the ideal of harmful substances to promote expectoration. Try Ambrosan. It is available as tablets and as syrup and drops. Its active ingredient Ambroxol increases in airway mucus secretion, the formation of pulmonary surfactant (a substance covering the inner walls of the alveoli) and stimulates the activity of cilia, ensuring shift mucus. They can take it as well as children under two years of age.

Nothing not exaggerate - neither sport

If you are feeling fit and change in diet will bring energy, it is good to support the cleansing of the body properly chosen physical activity. Ideal is the yoga. But even running is not unreasonable if you like you put in your body. It not only strengthens muscles and Accelerate your metabolism, but leaves the body through perspiration, harmful substances and waste. Instead embarking endorphins, hormones considered lucky. In order for the body to be washed, there is no need kdovíjakých sporting performances. Is enough to go to work half an hour fast walk. Movement, and if you can do it as well as sleep in the fresh air helps to regenerate, recharge batteries, and deprives us of such annoyances like headaches.
Once the sun comes out, soak up the rays. In February you still there is no burning, so I take advantage of what it is. You'll get through it not only healthy color, vitamin D, but especially good mood. Positive thinking is the most basic condition so that we feel good.

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