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5 steps on how to environmentally safe car wreck

Immobile wreck cars in the streets, garages and gardens still lying about a lot. Let's disposed of ecologically car wreck while quite easy. In addition, you can get it for even less financial reward. How to properly do when your car has definitely served its,'ll give you a few short paragraphs.

Where car wreck

Establishments authorized to purchase and collection of cars is in our area around 450th This is usually the old metal recycling center or scrap yard. If you do not know where such equipment is located in your area, you can check the updated list on the website of the Ministry of Environment. A complete list can be easily filtered by place of residence. "Before handing the car wreck everyone should make sure the holder of a valid license. By submitting wreck unauthorized persons is risking a fine of up to 20,000 crowns, "said James Proud of Alfa scrapyard scrap, which buys and ecologically disposed of car wrecks.

Required documents

Before you pass a car wreck in an environmentally safe, you have to prepare the necessary documents. The base is of course a valid identity card or other proof of your identity and the original great technical license. Legal entities must, in addition to that present an extract from the Commercial Register. Disposing of the vehicle from the estate, you may be missing when the car is also a decision on heritage. And finally, if you abandon the wreck and you are not the owner, you must also submit a power of attorney to destruction.

Confirmation of the ecological disposal

When you pass a vehicle on the premises must obtain protocol on environmental destruction. Without it, you would not let a car is removed from the Central Vehicle Register. Confirm you have the obligation to issue an establishment free of charge. The condition is matching data in the technical certificate with the vehicle identification numbers (VIN). At the same wreck may be missing some important components, such as a full body and engine. Otherwise, the operator can charge a fee for issuing the certificate at its current price list.

Financial conditions

Financial terms for taking over car wreck vary by establishment. While sometimes you take for your car připlatíme discarded elsewhere for the submitted car wreck get a financial reward. For the payment of remuneration usually plays a decisive role here, if the car is complete. "To transfer a car wreck with all necessary appurtenances amount we pay 1000 crowns. If customers nedovezou car wreck on our premises themselves, but use our exhaust, get reward 800 crowns, "said James Proud of Alfa scrap.

De-registration of vehicles

The last step in the disposal of discarded vehicles is a visit to the transport department of the respective municipal authority with extended powers. A car is necessary is permanently removed from vehicle register. With take your identity card, registration certificate and proof of environmental destruction. There must surrender the certificate of registration and registration number of the table. After filling out an application for removal of a vehicle you request usually handled while you wait. Then you just make a record in a technical certificate of deletion from the registry and the whole process for you ends.

Source: Lesenský.cz

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