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With the enemy in his own head

Although in the civilized world no longer have to worry about every day of your life and expect fear danger that will bring us tomorrow, we pay a price for it. As if the fear psyche devoid of the basic necessities of life and daily uncertainty suddenly knew what each other appeared typical health problem in modern society: depression.

On the waves of depression

Instead of the term depression is sometimes we also encounter the term "bipolar disorder." It is a condition that includes both the depression and also called manic phase, a period when we feel better. In relatively rare cases, the manic phase manifests itself as an exceptionally good mood, when a sick person feel immense energy and joy of life and believes that everything and anything he can not compromise.

Whether but manic phase might look like, with people with untreated bipolar disorder is more or less regularly alternating with periods of improved mood and depressive periods, when all energy supply dissipate. Bipolar disorder more so than anything else reminds song lyrics "once you're down, one on top", but with the difference that the top and bottom phases occur regardless of external circumstances. And a description of what the person with depression is to be down, every lyric short.

Depression is a potentially fatal disease

Today is a bit fashionable to claim that we have something from depression. We note, however, that real depression is a serious mental illness that can lead to death. Where, for yourself or for someone of his relatives are experiencing depressive symptoms, contact a professional - a psychiatrist or perhaps psychologist - who can advise you what to do.
The most common symptoms of depression include:
persistent sad mood, feeling anxious or "empty"
feelings of helplessness, despair and guilt,
loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed us,
insomnia or, conversely, excessive sleepiness and fatigue,
loss of appetite or conversely overeating and weight gain,
crying spells,
thoughts of suicide.

Depression is a physician

Depression is a disease no less real than, say, cancer or gastric ulcers, and who ever knew a man who depression later in life ill, knows what a huge change with the sick man becomes. The cheerful optimists may be tired during a moment of wreck, which appears to be no interest in their surroundings. If we realize also that a person with depression can basically reach any time of life, it is clear that this disease one can not cope alone.

In the treatment of depression is now used by several types of drugs, but work by each patient differently. Someone may be a few months almost completely healed, someone drugs to live at least more or less normal and independent life and some people have to the end of life will move regularly between his home and the psychiatric treatment that will provide them with a safe haven. But even if antidepressants are not foolproof, mostly mental state at least improve.

We can defend ourselves depressed?

Depression is a serious illness like any other. This means that doctors and modern medicine can help him cope with drugs and other professional methods. On the other hand, is a man out of surgery and in their everyday life with their illness alone.

Although the treatment of depression is in the hands of a professional, at times when we feel better, we can try to change your life so that our need for professional help is minimized. Experts say that the risk of depressive symptoms can help us reduce the following measures:
regular, healthy and varied diet rich in vitamins, according to some studies, increases the risk of depression, such as lack of vitamin D and folic acid;
physical activity, sport, or frequent exposure to sunlight and fresh air;
communication with other people, plenty of friends and social contacts;
opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings, whether in conversation, writing, or even artistic means;
quieter lifestyle - not to manipulate you put on achievable tasks difficult or too much responsibility, it is necessary to be aware of their limited possibilities and boundaries.

Lifestyle changes alone will not cure depression. On the other hand, we can respect the requirements of the body and soul to help reduce the amount of medications, enhance mental balance and reduce the risk of recurrence.

With fighting depression and famous

Miloš Kopecký - famous actor - struggled with depression all my life, but succumbed to his mental illness, and at intervals among the most severe "attacks" played some of his memorable roles.
Petr Muk - he suffered from typical bipolar disorder, states of profound depression alternating with periods of mania. He died in his 45 years.
Klara Trojanová - Czech actress - struggling with depression since 2001. He was treated with medication and psychotherapy, and his illness has largely learned to live with.
Wade Belak - Suicide 35letého Canadian hockey player was incomprehensible to many. Financially well catered man with a successful career and a happy family life, however, was the third hockey player, who in 2011 came because of severe depression for life.

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