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The world premiere of the Alfa Romeo 4C

The world premiere of the Alfa Romeo 4C At the Geneva Motor Show will feature new compact Alfa Romeo sports coupe with the engine ahead of the rear axle, rear-wheel drive and two anatomical seats. This sports coupe captures the true essence of a sports car that respects the fundamental values ​​of the brand Alfa Romeo, a performance, Italian style and technical excellence provides maximum driving pleasure in total safety.

Acronym 4C

Acronym 4C is based on the brand's glorious past and reminds her sporting achievements. Designation 8C and 6C carried in 1930 and 1940 a very important road and racing cars equipped with powerful eight and six-cylinder engines. The same character shows the new model, mainly because of its design and construction, which achieves power weight of 4 kg / 1 K. This value, which is worthy of a real super sports car, testifies a high performance, low weight and extreme dynamics of the new model. Alfa Romeo 4C uses to meet these requirements, technologies and materials, which have their origin in the supersport cars such as the Alfa and Romeo 8C Competizione. These are mainly carbon composite, aluminum or rear wheel drive. Alfa Romeo 4C, however, takes a number of cutting-edge technologies from serial production, but modified to highlight the sporty nature of the car. Examples would be a new all-aluminum four-cylinder turbocharged petrol 1750 Turbo with direct fuel injection, a unique dual-clutch automatic transmission Alfa TCT or voter Alfa DNA dynamic handling with the new regime Race.

The body design

View of the Alfa Romeo 4C, which suggested stylistic department Alfa Romeo Style Centre, evokes memories of the legendary series of models from the long history of the brand. As for dimensions, design and some stylistic features, stands out among them especially one particular model, namely the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. The vehicle, which combine technical excellence with an amazing and unique style. The same direction once delivered a model 8C Competizione and now the 4C model, but with even greater emphasis on compactness, dynamism and agility.

Interior Design

Strong and unrestrained design and superior materials also characterize the interior, which was designed with the sole aim to achieve maximum real pleasure to drive. The interior is particularly noticeable carbon composite, which forms the central part of the car carrier. The structure has been left in its natural form, which further enhances the impression of uniqueness, technological sophistication and low weight.

Dimensions and aerodynamics

With its compact size, this sports car is truly unique among competitors. Reaches a length under 4 m, width 2 m, height of 1.18 meters and a wheelbase under 2.4 meters. These dimensions emphasize the compactness of the car and emphasize its dynamics. Thanks to the great work of designers, the car as well as exceptional aerodynamics. The coefficient of pressure is the same as racing cars and contributes to the exceptional stability at high speeds.

The new four-cylinder turbocharged petrol 1750 Turbo

To drive the Alfa Romeo 4C serve other developmental stage turbocharged petrol four-cylinder 1750 Turbo, which drives the Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde. This innovative drive unit with an aluminum cylinder block has a special intake and exhaust, which have been optimized to further increase the engine's sporty nature. 1750 Turbo engine boasts cutting-edge technology, such as direct fuel injection, dual variable valve timing, turbocharger and the revolutionary scavenging control system cylinders, which eliminates the so-called turbo lag.

Automatic transmission Alfa TCT

Petrol 1750 Turbo charged engine is linked to an innovative dual-clutch automatic transmission, which is due to its light weight and extreme speed shift true measure in the segment. Gears can also sort sequentially paddles behind the wheel.

New voter Alfa DNA driving dynamics with the regime Race

The new Alfa Romeo 4C will also present a new voter Alfa DNA driving dynamics, which in addition to the existing three modes Dynamic, Natural and All Weather includes additional fourth mode called Race. The program was designed for maximum driving pleasure on the track.

The uniqueness of the tag Made in Italy

Behind the development of the final version of the Alfa Romeo 4C is an excellent technical and manufacturing experience of Alfa Romeo and Maserati. Cooperation between the two brands was mainly focused on the interconnection of Industrial Design and construction department of Alfa Romeo and Maserati factory.

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