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Bursts into the shoes

Bursts into the shoes Rough comedy bursts into the shoes directed by Jan Hrebejk about finding happiness four tilers tiles prepared as its next novelty Theatre on Jezerce.

Game successful Northern Irish author Owen McCaffertyho have four pals vydlaždičkovat public toilet and washroom. The story takes place on Friday, at the end of the working week. Casual craftsmen who are well known in our country and who enjoy each other as cobblestones, played with gusto Jan Hrušínský, Radek Holub, Martin Sitta and Vaclav Liska.
Bursts into boots has Jezerce premiere seventh March 2013.

"Like any good game, this comedy about many things. For me, the search for human dignity and happiness, of course, through the humiliating and embarrassing, unfortunate situation, "ř says director Jan Hrebejk." It is true and very funny, yet serious and touching story. I have to be honest, I do little. And this piece I liked very much, and, "he adds Hrebejk, who directs the Theatre on Jezerce fifth time.

"Bursts into the shoes in their own way beyond the repertoire of the Theatre on Jezerce, and yet I feel that it belongs to. It's funny and tragic game. It has a rough tongue, which is of course the natural speech of contemporary craftsmen, "says principal theaters Jan Hrušínský. Tile foursome seeks happiness in his words. Everyone finds it his way, and thanks to their mental and life skills at times very funny.

"We all have experience with some Czech builders. They are unreliable, rude, and sometimes even steal. Investors to the brink of a nervous breakdown. Golden Czech hands, yet still forever somewhere in the First Republic. That's why we moved the venue of the game environment in Northern Czech reality - to build a football stadium, "says Jan Hrušínský.

Czech names, or nicknames, have tile and characters: Sulina played by John Hrušínský sage Radek Holub, Martin Sitta steel wool and crop Vaclav Liska.

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