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Vegetables and children. Put them together, and forever!

Vegetables and children. Put them together, and forever! Does it bother you that your kids do not like it? Although you have already surpassed their total resistance and achieve that vision does not stop with them vegetable fatty rozpečených cone full of fries, but if you have to choose themselves as "green" simply never? Here are a few tips on how to overcome their aversion. Slowly, quietly, but it forever.

Under the candlestick vegetables ...

If you have a kitchen full of sausages, sweets and healthy alternatives tip 'milk delicacy "or" crunchy flakes ", do not be surprised that raw vegetables to children simply by itself going. Try to go at them from the woods. Not raw, but lightly cooked, not in a salad, but nicely tucked between slices of potatoes, pieces of lean meat, in risotto, or fillet a fish stew. But be careful, do not put it there just for show, but rather place the dish especially for her. Especially not worry science. Only then your descendants shall take it as a natural part of everyday diet. Chopped into small cubes lightly braised and still juicy vegetable is very tasty, but you have to offer to her equally enticing attachment, preferably spill something nice color ...
Today, it is available on the market the number of quality sauces for meat, rice and vegetables, just add up at the end of cooking to heat and serve immediately. For example, those made by Spak is yet to dispense without preservatives and dyes and other artificial ingredients. They are in a variety of flavors and maybe those sweet (Szechuan, BBQ) will surely taste and your children. But even if you occasionally indulge together creamier cocktail sauce or garlic, which is a great match for potatoes or pasta, do not do no offense to healthy living.

A healthier alternative

If we match, start gradually replacing sugar with honey. Well it also apply to your salads along with the juice of a lemon or lime and a little spice. Or even better - Stevia replace sugar sweet. Stevia is a white-flowered plant light-requiring naturally occurring in tropical and subtropical regions of Central and South America. It is highly prized for its sweetness - 300 times sweeter than sugar. They are known as its medicinal properties - studies have shown that stevia improves insulin sensitivity and may even increase the production of insulin. This helps to reduce the symptoms of diabetes and its metabolic manifestations. Unlike sugar, but almost caloric, does not contribute to the formation of tooth decay and is also suitable for diabetics. The ideal is to grow it at home, to have always at hand. One ticket stenie worth a heaping tablespoon of sugar. However it must be noted that grow it in a pot in the middle of Europe from seed is a superhuman task. Fortunately, it is no longer up for grabs in the market range of stevia-sweetened snacks. For example, from the company Spak Ketchup - sweetened extract of Stevia. You can with a clear conscience to offer children. Contains no artificial flavors or colors or preservatives. You will see that the kids will love it immediately and you will stay clear conscience.

Mom, and where carrot?

It is important to observe that the fruit vegetables but better yet become a part of each of your meals and your children. It will take time, and not at all easy to keep, but the goal is not bad and it is not impossible - to take a piece of pastry peppers, banana with yogurt, the potato steamed carrots, broccoli pasta, vegetables to meat mixture ... Once this process becomes an integral part of food preparation, you have won. You will see that after a while you will be children themselves say, "Mom, where is a carrot?" Or "the meadows are still radish!" This is not wishful thinking, it's just force of habit.

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