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The murder of President Lincoln

The murder of President Lincoln Drama about the assassination of a president who changed America ... Thrilling Murder of President Lincoln document revealing unparalleled extensive background plot in 1865 led to the shocking assassination of President Abraham Lincoln stated in the Sunday, the 3rd 20.hodin March in the Czech premiere of the television channel National Geographic Channel.

The film produced by the famous pair of brothers Tommy and Ridley Scott embellish their participation known actor Tom Hanks in the role of guide. Generously film about one of the most beloved presidents in United States history was the 125th anniversary of National Geographic.

"Lincolonova murder is not just a chapter of our history - it's milestone of our American character, then, now and forever," said Tom Hanks on the assassination of charismatic president, who is in a difficult time of the Civil War, a major push for the abolition of slavery. Oscar-winning actor whose captivating voice viewers accompanies the whole story, by the way, Lincoln's distant cousin - their common bond extends across four generations directly to the president's mother, Nancy Hanks.

Ancient Murder, recent suicide

A two-hour, dramatically conceived image combines passages played with contemporary materials and perfect computer animation. Lincoln plays known American actor Billy Campbell. His dark opponent fanatical adherents South and assassin John Wilkes Booth, played an equally sovereign Jesse Johnson.

"It's a thriller as well as a piece of history," says co-producer on the final shape of Ridley Scott, among others, signed the film Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma and Louise and Gladiator. His brother Tony, best known as the director of the movie Top Gun with Tom Cruise, is unfortunately successful launch of their joint work died before: in 2012 he committed suicide by jumping off a bridge.

The phenomenon of Lincoln

The documentary was based on the bestseller Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever Bill O'Reilly author, which in the U.S. alone sold over a million copies. Life of Abraham Lincoln, whose legacy still stirs America, and recently mapped feature film by Steven Spielberg, one of the Academy Award winning hot favorites. Document Tony and Ridley Scott sees the "phenomenon of Lincoln" from another angle - as a period drama set in picturesque backdrop, an important historical milestone and a unique case of extensive murderous criminal conspiracy. All this reveals a brilliant way of effectively approaching today's television viewer.

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