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More than scare smokers occupying the offer of help

"Smokers themselves know very well that they should quit. Mostly not try it but not because he did not want to, but because they do not believe. Should therefore be primarily offer them help." Around such was one of the inspiring ideas that at the end of the year brought to Prague British expert on smoking cessation Robert West. What else can we take from the experience?

Inspiration for foreign countries

For professionals in smoking cessation in the UK we're not uninteresting country. Robert West put it, the Czech Centre for addicted to tobacco, which works at the General Teaching Hospital in Prague, is also inspired by British experts in creating their own system to help people addicted to smoking. Nevertheless, it seems that access to smoking and smokers Czech society has still considerable reserves.

Some professional advice

Here are a few things to a professional who sees the Czech situation outside:
Programmed government support. Missing in the Czech Republic an extensive anti-smoking campaigns supported by the government due to which, for example, in the UK has significantly increased awareness of the harmful effects of smoking and its negative consequences for the economy of the entire country.
Sense of quitting. People who try to quit tobacco, to be constantly reminded that every day without a cigarette makes sense. That even unsuccessful efforts can not be seen as a failure, but as the days that managed to live "healthy". And it always makes sense to try again.
Influence of the environment. One of the main reasons to return to a cigarette is nicotine addiction in addition to the influence of the smoking area. Robert West recommends respond to these temptations lovely sentence: "Right now I do not want to smoke."
Smoking young. In the UK in recent years has decreased by 50% the number of young people who start smoking. For this almost miraculous phenomenon could occur in our country, it is necessary to change the view of the whole society of smoking - it simply would not be attractive and sexy.
Offer to help. Similarly, in the Czech Republic as well as in Britain, there is a system of treatment for tobacco dependence. It is easily accessible and therefore used - for example, in 2012 it passed almost 900,000 people, and according to estimates, about 150,000 of them permanently rid of their habit.

Source: Quitting kouřerní.cz

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