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Republic of Congo declared a national park for 15,000 gorillas

Recent establishment of a new national park devoted Congo-tenth of the area of ​​its territory, protection of endangered species. Park Ntoko-Pikounda integrated into its area two existing large protected areas and provides a safe space for the life of chimpanzees, elephants, and especially lowland gorillas.

National Park Ntoko-Pikounda, situated in the central African forests intact, has a very strong and comprehensive list of critically endangered species. Still, he got the whole territory of the consciousness in 2008, when researchers are shipped from the Society for Nature Conservation (Wildlife Conservation Society, WCS) has identified, or rather vylišit, a new subspecies of lowland gorillas. Majestic primates are threatened both by poachers who hunt them for meat trade, both Ebola virus. Gorillas have become a symbol of the fight to save the species in the region.

"The Republic of the Congo National Park announcement clearly demonstrated its commitment to protect the world's largest population of gorillas on the planet,"
said Cristián Samper, the current president of WCS. "Very this step Congolese Government appreciate and commend such foresight. We believe that under the auspices of the state of the local gorilla population gradually improve. "According to the Congolese Minister of Forestry Economy and Sustainable Development Claude Massimba establishment is part of a long-term policy of the state, focused on the protection of representative ecosystems of their country. Protected Areas in the Republic of Congo now occupy 11% of the state.

Incorporation of a new national park decree, signed by the Council of Ministers and Congolese President Denis Sassou Nguesso, came into force 12.28 2012th Ntoko-Pikounda to connect with land reserves national parks Nouabalé-Ndoki and Odzala-Kokou thus creating interconnected complex of protected areas covering an area of 4,572 km square.

It is one of the largest national parks in Central Africa. The core forms an area called the "Green Gap" impenetrable forest wetlands. According to the results of the monitoring that moves approximately 950 chimpanzees, 800 elephants, and 15,000 of the population of western lowland gorillas.

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Author: Radomir Dohnal

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