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Chicken Recipes for slimming and good condition

Chicken Recipes for slimming and good condition Chicken is one of the most popular mainly because of its relatively low cost. Know him well but also dietary and athletes because it has very little fat, it is easy to digest, but also contains a large number of proteins that promote muscle growth and muscle regeneration.

Advantages chicken of course, but most will appreciate it if you know how to prepare well. Therefore, we now say a few hints and tips and also advice a few recipes from chicken meat , which can be found along with other culinary recommendations on page .

1) Cold or hot water?

Cooking chicken is not rocket science, but you should know when to give it up when cold and in boiling water. If you prepare the chicken broth for soup or sauces, always chicken or bone should be placed in cold water and slowly heat. All meat aroma will ease gradually into the water. Conversely, if you want to cook the meat for consumption, insert it into the boiling water. Proteins on the surface is quickly collide and cause the meat flavor stays inside and the water escapes. Boiled chicken is perfectly suited to be false Ukrainian pelmeni.

2) Cook the meat may or steam

Cook meat not only in water. You can also use just steam. Just put the meat pařáček under which pour water. To make the chicken was tasteless and plain water add your favorite herbs or replace water for wine. Chicken with beautifully scented and grabs really irresistible flavor. Your diet so you can enrich the recipe for Drunken Chicken.

3) batter a little differently

I guess everyone knows breading chicken fillet in classic batter - flour, egg, breadcrumbs. This combination is not just to maintain a "diet" chicken ideal. Try to change and sometimes skip the flour and eggs instead use plain yogurt. You'll notice that chicken will be much easier even with treatment, which is just the frying. Another alternative is to replace the bread crumbs for crushed corn chips, which are less prone to soak oil, as the classic breadcrumbs. And still lagging a little trim and prepare "just" chicken in herb yogurt?

4) Roasted and grilled chicken under constant surveillance

You might think that bake or grill chicken handle each. Just to put it in the oven or on the grill and wait. This way, but rather just get dry matter, on which much nepochutnáte. Remember, the more chicken than any other meat you due to its low fat content and baste constantly lubricated. Just reach the really juicy meat and crispy cuticles. For grilling then consider whether it would be preferable to replace the classic boobs thighs or wings. They are suitable for grilling is much more because of their fast preparation easier just to prevent them drying out. Enjoy so juicy you delicious chicken drumsticks in honey and mushrooms.

5) The chicken

Perhaps you are among those who find that it is ready to inject that into it with a fork, slit it, or even cut in half. But this is the biggest mistake you can do. Whatever meat you are cooking, fry or otherwise modify, fundamentally its surface does not break. If you do, it flows out of the juice, which supplies meat juiciness and flavor. Try to resist the temptation this time to enjoy such as Rosemary chicken with lemon sauce.

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