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Prague Zoo: Complicated childbirth Kamba

Childbirth Kamba started on Sunday 24 early morning in February 2013, when she drained amniotic fluid. After a few hours came the first major complications appeared part of the umbilical cord, which then broke Kamba. Unfortunately, it was decided the fate of the young.

Kamba did not have the contraction and was certain that she could not give birth to a dead baby herself. For this reason, despite the risk to which the move was connected, suspend, and moved to the operating table. Examination revealed that the baby will not be able to equip the birth canal and was therefore proceeded to the imperial cut. The surgery was performed without complications.

Kamba to the rescue on the spot involved more than twenty breeders, veterinarians, humane doctors and other medical personnel. Indirectly, however, participated in this event in recent months, much higher number of experts. Prague Zoo all of them expressed great thanks and gratitude.

Kamba yet remains one of the bedrooms in the rear Pavilion gorillas. Do they also have access to other group members so that they can be with kamba in touch.


Kamba was born in the early 70 years in Cameroon. Her exact date of birth is unknown, because she got to Europe as upytlačené cub. 27th January 1974 came about as two years to the zoo in Leipzig, twenty-one years after they first moved. Her new home has become a zoo in Duisburg. Even here, however, kamba failed to become pregnant, so after four years went to the zoo in Dvur Kralove nad Labem. Even there, however, failed to become pregnant kamba.

Kamba arrived in Prague in 2001. Soon, however, had to go back to Dvur Kralove, where he remained until 2005, when it again went back to Prague. The reason for this move was to give extremely valuable genetically kamba last chance to have their own baby. Connection with the male Richard proved to be successful, Kamba shortly after his arrival in Prague gravid.

In 2007, the first born Kamba. Young were born back legs forward and died. Kamba had to be put to sleep even if, on occasion, additional complications - myoma and heart problems, for which nearly lost her life as well.

Despite professional konsilium then decided that it will be possible kamba become pregnant again. But she stopped for many years cycle. Bleeding in her re-emerged in 2012, however, he was attached to the pathological origin. Until then it turned out that he was still capable of reproduction, and that even already gravid. Also, her next birth 24th February 2013 was very dramatic, it nepřeržilo young and Kamba had to undergo caesarean challenging of which is now recovering in the hinterland Pavilion gorillas.
In Prague Kamba group works through peaceful nature and experience as a strong cementing element.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo: Tomas Adamec, Prague Zoo

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