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The hot water can be saved

Many Czech households still uses the old hot water and often dangerous heaters. Modern systems for heating water are yet more efficient and economical by 25 to 30%. In collaboration with experts, we have prepared some tips and arguments why to get rid of old karma and invest in a quality and efficient hot water heater.

New devices are more efficient

The cost of heating water is one of the not inconsiderable items total energy account household. Moreover energy prices continue to rise, so it pays to invest in energy-saving appliances. One of them may be high quality gas water heater. "When household heats the gas, it's worth investing in a quality condensing boiler, which can also except for heating water and hot water. Using one gas appliances for heating and hot water is far more economical. Condensing boiler can compared to older flow heaters save 25-30% on hot water at home, "said Roman Švantner, manager of testing stations, which specializes in building equipment and sales and service of heating equipment.

Do not underestimate the possibility of regulation

Modern equipment for hot water have better control options. Forget the gross burner control in older water heaters, with modern facilities, you can easily adjust the water temperature according to your exact requirements. To maximize the energy saving outlet water temperature chosen so that suit you and you did not have hot water to dilute too cold. From an energy point of view, is more better to heat water to a temperature of 45 ° C water to less than 80 ° C.

Old gas appliances can be dangerous

In Black Chronicle newspaper sometimes we can read about the poisoning gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning caused by poor flow heater. Risk of accumulation of carbon monoxide in the room is not, according to experts from the company ENBRA underestimated. Modern heaters danger of carbon monoxide poisoning using detectors eliminate bad flue to the chimney. If the sensor detects reverse thrust, the burner is switched off immediately. Some boilers or heaters also have not sucking air out of the room, but from the outside. For them, this eliminates the risk entirely.

Modern boilers and water heaters are quiet

Low noise of modern boilers and heaters will mainly be installed in the apartment where this is often not possible to place the device into a remote room. Modern hot water heaters are quiet, they run smooth, its operation does not disturb residents of the house or apartment. The quiet operation of boilers and hot water heaters contributes to their good thermal insulation cabinet. This also reduces heat loss around the device and contributes to more economical operation.

Enjoy greater comfort operation

Modern boilers and hot water heaters also have a high output while maintaining high efficiency and small size. Making it easy to install and do not take up unnecessary space in the house or apartment. Also, their design is much more attractive. The boiler can be installed for instance in the hall or bathroom, without regard to its disturbing the overall aesthetics of the room. Quality boiler and hot water heater is often possible to control remotely and can be easily integrated for example with solar water heating systems.

Source: Lesenský.cz

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