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Jaromir Stetina: parchment or novel about the fourth commandment

Jaromir Stetina: parchment or novel about the fourth commandment The plot of the new book bristles Jaromir taking place mostly in the 70th and 80 the last century in the mining environment is wide. From the central four friends is starting to life stories of dozens of characters. Recounts the stories of people who have succumbed to the totalitarian era, even those who had rebelled against. At the same time religion respect to ancestors and forces that have it can draw.

In the novel Jaromir parchments bristles cut ups and downs of life of four friends, miners North Bohemian brown coal mine Maxim Gorky. This works on the rig Charlie Ogar, former emigrant, Ivan Bunin, the son of a post-revolutionary Russian refugee Chcípáček Vaclav, slightly retarded kind-hearted young man, and a giant gypsy Rafael Dežo Ursin. We all have accounts with the dark period of the second half of the last century.

Jaromir Stetina unfolds their stories in a variety of situations: difficult and dangerous work in the mines, during the celebration of private mining in a pub in Branan or May Day in the Park of Culture and Rest Julius Fucik, the exploration for deposits of sapphires Jizerka or uncovering secret underground labyrinth Richard I.

Four "enemies of the working class" helps to survive a bleak period of their affiliation with the ancestors. Hence the title of the novel, which the author explains: "Our souls are parchments ... One second layer tops, older younger flickered in fragments ... Readable layers are parents and their parents, because we have their likeness, their words and their world in parchment inscribed themselves to texts ... which relate to ourselves, we understand just understanding the words, initials and line drawings ancestors. "

The story is enhanced by other characters books through text spans almost from the beginning of the 20th century. And it is the parent link, from which the main characters draw strength, "All have resisted time, which wanted to devour him. Their auspices the blood of their mothers and fathers, their tenacity. "

The novel, in which there are also detective story is the time when the characters broke. It's about those who knew how to build it, and those who could not do it. "Chung If one really fit," says one of the heroes, "it will not be because of professional revolutionaries, but due to the fact that the number of people who are nezkurvili and behaved yourself, did not fall below a critical threshold. Maybe the bastards eat dust in the country, but the sense and the feeling is not prepared. "

Parchments bearing Visit biographical features. Twenty years working in national enterprise Geological Survey and eight years on velkodole. "I was lucky," said Jaromir Stetina, "who manages to get to know people so close that time humbled? The caravans, in quarries, on velkodole Maxim Gorky, the Holešovice race, everywhere were people with great life experience. Gathered there at the time many desperados and elements. We greatly appreciate the friendship of some of them. "

Parchments with commentaries director Olga Sommer: "The novel is a dramatic composition, which we read with trepidation ... Symphony of personal stories losers whose private dramas ... are marked by large and cruel history of the 20th century, is encouragement to courage that our nation needs despondent. Invites us to ourselves and to build a tiny všednodenním lies and injustice in the luxury of this country, where the powerful have for the truth not execute. "

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