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Keeping ahead of BP knew about the risk of an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil platform

That the risk of explosion in mining platform, we knew. And we knew it was a big risk, the court said Lamar McKay, former director of the U.S. branch of BP and current head of global operations of the company. Deepwater Horizon oil platform in 2010 actually exploded. The explosion killed eleven people and caused the biggest environmental disaster in U.S.. The process server informs the New York Times.

During the first day of the trial with BP, when questioning witnesses, showed that management knew of the risk, which threatened the oil rig Deepwater Horizon. The management of BP's defense is that an accident can its suppliers, according to the indictment is to blame failure management.

According to McKay, the company responsible for the drilling, but the responsibility for the safety of mining by him bears the supplier production platforms, cement and other suppliers. "It's a team thing. A risk management and supervision of safety is a shared responsibility, "says McKay.

The McKay's testimony shows that oil carries risks, the risks of offshore deep-water Gulf of Mexico brings with it less manageable risk and any accident would bring more damage.

Internal company documents show that BP, after several weeks of problems with the operation of the platform was faced with the "loss of control over the borehole 'as early as March 2010. Several months before the leadership addressed the problems with the well casing as a safety valve, which was then one of the important part of the chain of events that led to the crash.

In June 2009, BP engineers reported their concerns that the well casing, the company planned to use, can break down at high pressure, which was probably the worst accident scenario.

McKay at the beginning of his testimony stated that neither before nor after the accident did not read the textbook safety systems, and even read a report on the safety performance of BP wrote for an external consultant Robert Bea. According to him, an accident management culture, which sought to save every dollar.

The lawsuit is pending in federal district court in New Orleans and is a summary action brought by a state, private companies and individuals filed against BP and its dovavatelům Department of Justice. The court has to decide who is guilty for the accident. Judgment could be known within a year and can have a major impact on the fate of BP. Under the law on water company threatens penalty for each barrel of oil that escaped into the sea. The fine can be from $ 1 100 per barrel (approx (21,500 CZK) up to 4300 U.S. dollars per barrel (CZK 84,000) in the event that the company has committed gross negligence. Leaked into the sea while millions of barrels of oil.

According to the New York Times article BP Executive Testifies That and Rig Explosion in the Gulf and Was Known Risk , published Feb. 26, 2013.


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