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How to identify substitutes for dairy products

Since more and more common alternatives to dairy products, here are some tips on how to recognize the honest product made from milk.

If a manufacturer of milk processing replace any basic ingredients of milk other milk constituents, he must adequately inform consumers on product declarations. A given product may no longer designate term reserved for dairy products.

"Our labeling and methods used must not mislead. Especially as regards the characteristics of the foodstuff and, in particular to its nature, identity, properties, composition, quantity, durability, origin or origin, method of production or acquisition, "says Ing. George Kopáček, PhD. Union of Czech and Moravian Dairy project in White plus.

Under current legislation should be analog products are sold separately from dairy products, or at least the shelves with them properly marked. Errors are often committed by traders in support of sales, such as leaflet events.
"Bohemian" AB "is not butter, but mixed spreadable fat. "Maple" is not cream cheese, because it contains vegetable fat. The name "ribbon" of mixed roztíratelného fat is false and misleading, "according to debunk everything expert.
Also, products such as Gunther, Rodinka, Hit is not molten cheese, because the products contain milk constituents - vegetable fat. "They are therefore analog products that can be described only as" processed product "," processed food product "," melted slices "or "melted cream." In principle, therefore, not to use a dedicated dairy term "cheese" or "cheesy". "

Other examples of analog products
Mixed spreadable fat
Misleading name
Proper labeling
Dvorecká EIDAM
thermally processed cheese product to fry (with vegetable fat)
Wrong (and dominant) name "cheese" to confuse consumers that it is a cheese
FOLK fried cheese
Pre-fried food product
The title is a slang name "Fried cheese" evoking a "cheese"
Declaration on the product but they are correct

Who do not like no alternatives, how did you know quality dairy products?

If you purchase the Czech dairy products, you can be sure that you buy quality products.
All products of animal origin must be provided with veterinary oval health mark.
Czech product in this case is marked by the country code and number CZ factory.
Identification marking of products of animal origin indicates that the product was manufactured in the company, which meets hygiene requirements for food of animal origin.
Czech dairies are under strict supervision of the State Veterinary Administration.
Always buy products with outstanding minimum storage life, respectively. time of consumption.
Dairy products prefer to buy in the "shops", and always in the refrigerated section (only exception is durable, dried and condensed milk). In the case of purchase on the farm, or. other markets, again buy dairy products exclusively chilled.
Temperature to preserve and sale of dairy products must be 4-8 ° C.

If you are buying foreign products, follow these steps. "Choose products from reputable manufacturers. In all cases, the purchase of imported goods must always be observed to their packaging was adequate labeling in Czech. And there must always be given veterinary health mark, from which they can be read by a country origin, "says Ing. George Kopáček, PhD. of Czech and Moravian Dairy Association.

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Author: Šárka Pelcová

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