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My name is Nuru!

My name is Nuru! Bohuslav Svoboda, Lucie White and Karel Gott today christened the sixth lowland gorilla born at Prague Zoo. Nuru name selected farmers from 14,000 proposals sent by the public. It comes from Swahili and means light.

"Babyboom what recently occurred in other animal families Prague Zoo is a great business card and the success of our zoo, which thus proves that rightfully belong to the most important place in the zoological gardens of the world. Breeding gorillas and their rescue efforts in Central Africa can be regarded as a kind of our flagship, "emphasized the importance of the Prague Zoo in the early festivities Prague Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda.

Prague Zoo conservation activities in Central Africa did not fail to mention the Lucie White. "I'm delighted that the Prague Zoo helps keep the gorillas also flourished in nature and it is an honor for me to be there," she said.

Christening drifted just sign in linking these activities in Cameroon with the area of ​​Prague Zoo. Nuru received as a gift not only a huge basket of fruit and vegetables from the Mayor of Prague, as well as a wooden mock-up stray bus, which is now taking children from reservations Dja forest areas for gorillas living in rescue centers for primates to teach gorillas perceive otherwise than as meat on a plate . Karel Gott finally explained the choice of names male gorilla. "Name Nuru, ie light, consider looking into his beautiful eyes as best possible," he said. "I wish him wonderful childhood."

During the baptism was also a competition launched in collecting old mobile phones to a trip to Africa.

Competition in collecting old mobile phones

Competition in collecting old mobile phones launched at the christening male gorilla Nuru. For each selected phone company pays Rema System 10 CZK. The proceeds will be used to purchase equipment for the guardian Dja Biosphere Reserve, Cameroon.

The most successful collectors can get valuable prizes:
First prize: Fan Club Membership in Prague Zoo and a voucher for a trip to Africa from Exim Tours
Second Prize: Adventure breeder program at the Prague Zoo on one day and a gift pack Prague Zoo
Third Prize: Annual family ticket to the Zoo Prague Zoo gift package

Competition is open to anyone who at the time of surrender of the competition at the Prague Zoo old mobile phone and lets you confirm the delivery on the playing card. Playing cards with the numbers cast phones must be kept and taken at once to the deadline on the 14th April 2013. Submitting the cards can be made in person at the zoo or by mail to the Prague Zoo, U Troja Castle 3/120, 171 00 Prague 7 (the date on the postmark by 14 4th 2013). Cards always gives individual and must state your full name, address, email and phone contact.

The winner will be the individual who at that time cast playing cards with the highest recorded number of mobile phones (the whole unit with battery).

Receive mobiles and dispensing playing cards to the office information services at the main entrance of the Prague Zoo in March daily 9 to 17 pm daily and April 9 to 18 pm The finalists of the competition will be invited to the announcement of the final results, which will be held in celebration of the birthday Kiburiho on Saturday 20 April 2013.

Source: tz Zoo
Photo: Tomas Adamec, Prague Zoo

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