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12 factors impairing wound healing

Each of us in his life caused many different skin injury. They are painful and often unsightly and may also restrict us in everyday life. The proper healing involved a lot of factors that can slow down and hamper recovery. It's good to know the most important of them.

Anything can influence, something not

Wound healing may be impaired mediators at the site of tissue, but also the overall status of the human body. Some factors can be changed for the better with others, but do not do anything on their own.

Drying. Dry environment causes dehydration and death of cells of the skin epithelium. It also leads to the formation of scabs, which prevents regeneration. It is therefore appropriate to override the moist wound dressing.

Logging. Excessive moisture also no evidence of healing, the treatment is therefore reasonable to swim in the pool or in the bathtub.

Bacterial infection.'s Very common phenomenon and recognize it as formation of pus in the wound. It should therefore be properly disinfected, if difficulties persist, it is then necessary to go to therapy with antibiotics.

Tissue necrosis. Dead cells present in healing wounds more difficult, as is normally necessary to surgically remove the first cell, in order to close.

Pressure. Excessive compression occurs around the wound to prevent blood flow. The bandage should therefore not place the affected area too "constricting".

Re-injury. Violates If healing wounds slows down the healing process and it often leads to the emergence of ugly scars.

Age. This is the whole process of healing involved a large extent. In older people the body loses some of its ability to recovery and everything takes longer.

Weight. Healing complications relate mainly obese and malnourished patients.

Chronic disease. Include diabetes, heart disease and cancer and significantly affect the healing of injured sites.

Damage immunity. Immune cells are very important for proper wound healing, are particularly affected people undergoing curative radiotherapy.

Nutrition. During regeneration is important sufficient intake of protein and vitamins.

Vascular insufficiency. For some diseases, such as diabetes, is worsening state of vessels and thereby supply to the damaged tissue.

For skin without scars

Repair of damaged tissue is at first glance very complicated and complex storyline. Therefore, it is good to keep in mind the above factors and any ambiguity consult with your doctor. Failure healing wounds is can lead to unpleasant complications such as scarring, ulceration or incomplete sealing of.

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