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Monasteries in the Czech Republic

In recent years, the Czech Republic had reconstructed a large number of monasteries in many places, reconstruction is still ongoing.

It is not uncommon that we can accommodate in the monastery, go to the monastery tavern and sample local specialties and monastic beer. In most of them, there are also some interesting exhibits, such as in the monastery Broumov to see unique copy Turin Shroud. Unfortunately, there is no organization, company, or association that would monastic buildings grouped together, so it is difficult to obtain comprehensive information. What is certain is that the monastic buildings in the Czech Republic more than a hundred.

Břevnov monastery during the Communist era greatly deteriorated. After the Velvet Revolution restored Benedictine community with the help of state and foreign monasteries succeeded in building repair and dignity celebrate 1000 years of the monastery in 1993. On that occasion the Pope blessed Břevnov Abbey honorary title »Archabbey«. Pope John Paul II. then also in person in 1997 mezibřevnovské monks during his visit to the Czech Republic visited. In Brevnov monastery we can see the baroque Basilica of St. Margaret, Romanesque crypt from 11th century and Baroque prelature with sala hall. Besides interesting buildings in Brevnov Monastery is also a beautiful monastery garden.

Chotěšov monastery was ranked among the 100 most endangered sites of the world and to all the events that take place on its premises, is to save the monastery. It is open every Sunday from May to September, and on the occasion of events. At the monastery begins with trail "Nature and People", which established the Environmental Education Centre Amethyst.

In the romantic valley of the river stretches Shots former Cistercian monastery Plasy , which underwent several alterations, the most significant of which is the reconstruction of the convent designed by Santini and Dienzenhofer with perfect solving Foundations in marshy soil. The convent is a newly opened exhibition of baroque library.

Strahov monastery of the Premonstratensian Order was founded in 1140. The present Baroque appearance is from the 18th century. There is the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Strahov Picture Gallery, Strahov Theological Hall and the library.

The monastery Rajhrad the most remarkable sights of this region of South Moravia. Wars often suffer monastery was magnificently restored in the first half of the 18th century and was later promoted to independent abbey. The monastery church. Peter and Paul is the ultimate baroque building Santini. The convent building is the Museum of Literature in Moravia.

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