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Unreasonable fee used car

Entrepreneurs must give information on prices, so aroused the impression that the price is lower. Some autobazaar interpret the relevant provisions of the Act and peculiar car outside the declared price is subject to additional hidden fees. The magazine is now called dtest two largest retailer of used cars for correction.

Experience in the used car is often the following. The website of the seller is given a certain price and clients rightly expect the same amount also goes out of their wallets. After confirming the interest in car and purchase contract, however, is another surprise fee charged for the administration of such sale or for the conclusion of the purchase contract. "Clients helplines dtest regularly report that after the conclusion of the contract they were charged for an additional amount in the order of several thousands, which previously know, "says Milos Borovička, Legal Adviser magazine dtest.

Dtest magazine last week called on AAA Auto Autocentrum ESA to the prices reported transparently and in accordance with the law and similar charges removed from their price lists. "At this moment, with both companies communicate and explain your opinion. Auto dealer ESA for our web alert already partially modified but still not so readily apparent to the final price of the car, "the gin and explains:" The aforementioned charges are indeed unreasonable, it is as if a food shop charged separately location of the goods the shelf and the mark on the box office. Routine service and administration should be included in the final price of the goods. "

Obligation to indicate prices transparently, ie, so that did not inspire the impression that they are in fact lower saves businesses the Consumer Protection Act. The administrative fee is, however, most customers bazaars to hear the shop. Only with a thorough site survey some retailers may find that it also mentioned in their terms and conditions.

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